In the state Duma introduced a draft on the right to ask for recount of votes in the elections

In the state Duma introduced a draft on the right to ask for recount of votes in the elections

The bill proposes to introduce the right candidates to contact the election Commission with the request for the recount of votes at separate polling stations. Under current legislation such a possibility from the participants in elections.

MOSCOW, 7 Oct. State Duma Deputy from the LDPR faction Ivan Abramov, participated in elections of the head of the Amur region, made in the lower house of Parliament a bill to give the right of election participants to refer to the election Commission requesting a recount of votes in certain areas, follows from the Duma database.

Amendments introduced to the law “On basic guarantees of electoral rights and the right to participate in referendum of citizens of the Russian Federation”.

“The bill proposes to legislate a rule that allows members of the elections in the face of electoral associations, candidates should contact the election Commission organizing the elections of the appropriate level, to take the decision on repeated counting of votes of voters, referendum participants into separate polling stations, the sections of the referendum, the territory”, — the MP said in the explanatory note to the draft.

Under the current election law now this possibility of participants of elections.

The MP considers it necessary to establish that the number of polling stations, sections of the referendum, where possible repeated counting of votes of voters, referendum participants by the treatment of electoral Association, candidate is not expected to exceed 5% of the total number of polling stations, parts of the referendum. The number of such sites may not be less than one polling station. The recount may be conducted before the establishment of the higher Commission of voting results, definition of results of elections and compilation of the final Protocol.

“The existing legislation does not allow to fully realize the rights of election participants on the timeliness of receipt and confirmation of objective data on the results of the vote, so the law needs changing, because it, in essence, not enough tools, allowing the parties to obtain or confirm factual information regarding the voting process and the tabulation of election results”, — says Abramov.

The acting head of the Amur region has won the election with 50,64%, second place went to the candidate from LDPR. Earlier in the leadership of the liberal democratic party has said it will require a recount in the Amur region.