Medvedev: the goal of import substitution – the establishment of the Russian production, not trade barriers

SOCHI, October 3. Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called the main goal of import substitution, the creation in Russia of modern industries, and not artificial trade barriers. He stated this at the Commission meeting on import substitution.

“Our goal, of course, is not to erect artificial barriers to trade”, – said Medvedev. “The problem in the other: that in Russia there appeared a modern high-tech enterprises, both in industry and in agriculture that their products were in demand not only at Russian market but also on foreign markets”, – said the Prime Minister.

According to Medvedev, this requires an effective system of promoting non-oil exports. He recalled that in June adopted the law on creation on the basis of Vnesheconombank of the Russian export center, which in the mode of “one window” will help enterprises to develop new markets.

Sync plans

The Prime Minister also instructed the Ministry to assist regions to synchronize the plans for import substitution and to work on greater awareness of the support measures.

“Now about 40 approved regional plans on import substitution, according to the experts (this is the analytical center for the government), they are not all synchronized with the plans of Federal ministries, and that’s just wrong,” – said Medvedev. “I would like to see colleagues from all key agencies is, first of all, Minpromtorg, the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of economic development – assisted the regions in preparing and implementing plans for import substitution”.

The Prime Minister instructed to exchange information on the content of regional plans, specific investment projects, as well as more detail to inform the public of existing opportunities of support of the enterprises, which do not always have complete data.

“As experience shows, the vast majority of even those who are interested in obtaining information on import substitution and other economic activities, these do not have the knowledge. Therefore, our task is more efficiently this information to convey,” he concluded.

“Not to bring to the point of absurdity”

However, Medvedev urged not to bring the substitution to the point of absurdity, in this context, establishment of production in Russia only critical things.

“Import substitution – it is very important, but in any case cannot be reduced to an absurdity”, – said the head of government. In his words, “it is necessary to replace major segments of that” that “is critical to produce in our country.” “We are not talking about having to replace everything, as sometimes we try to represent – begin to discuss who is wearing what and so forth,” – said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister has set a target to concentrate in this work on the food and industry, primarily on high-tech things and the creation of means of production and transport, biotechnology and medicine. “If we can do that, we will become a developed country,” said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the policy of import substitution carried out in the situation, “when we have, frankly, little money”. The head of the Cabinet stressed that otherwise, the reasons to tackle this problem would not exist. “Because when all is well, all is growing and developing, when the economy swells from oil money, the substitution wouldn’t want to be nobody; it is much easier to contract with foreign suppliers to obtain high-quality products with warranty service”, – he explained.

“Even a small amount of funds in the Federal budget and regional budgets, it is still better for this situation (for import substitution) we will not be”, – stated the head of government.