Putin tells Western political scientists about their objectives in Syria

Putin tells Western political scientists about their objectives in Syria

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin will meet with participants of debatable club “Valdai” on 22 October in Sochi, said a source close to the Kremlin and confirmed by the participant. The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov did not answer the question of the date and topic of the President’s speech. He previously confirmed that he plans to come to the club members. Experts interviewed expect from the President explanations about the Russian operation in Syria.

Who wait

The club meets from 19 to 22 October, the message on his official website. The forum will be attended by about 130 people, said the scientific Director of club Fyodor Lukyanov. It is expected that this year will see many new faces among the participants: for example, the Dean of the faculty of public administration at Dartmouth College, William Wolfort (USA), Professor of political science and international relations at the University of San Francisco Andrei Tsygankov, Professor of political science at the Ohio state University Randall Channels, said one of the interlocutors .

According to the source , close to organizers of the forum, this year it is expected a large delegation of Iranian experts. “Invitations were sent in the summer, before the campaign began in Syria. Then it was planned that the main topic of discussion will be the agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme,” explained the source.

During this time, with participants, according to tradition, can interact with high-ranking officials. According to one of the organizers, invited the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. According to a source close to the leadership of the club, participation Ivanov, Shoigu and Lavrov previously confirmed. If they come, we, as usual, will host a closed press meeting with forum participants, another source close to the organizers of the event.

Last year the forum was visited by Ivanov and Lavrov. They held private meetings with the participants of the event. Ivanov harshly criticized the West, saying that America formed a coalition against Russia, Lavrov then criticized U.S. policy in the middle East, told the meeting participants.

Desiresa agenda

The theme of the Valdai club Congress declared “War and peace: man, the state and the threat of conflict in the twenty-first century”. It was approved even before the intervention of Russia in the conflict in Syria, said one of the organizers.

The discussion will unfold around three main issues, said program Director of the Valdai club Andrey Sushentsov. Is the Iranian nuclear program, the Ukrainian crisis and the Syrian campaign. Last question, says Sushentsov, will take the most time of the discussion. “Russia for the first time in many years demonstrated to the world its military capabilities, this is a new phenomenon that is changing the landscape of politics in the middle East. Earlier, the military capabilities of Russia no one cared, because they were shown only on the exercises,” says Sushentsov.

Thematically, the forum will be divided into several parts, said Fyodor Lukyanov. Experts will discuss what war, the role of Economics in the world, the role of diplomacy, information war, the situation in the Middle East. “Internal politics will not be discussed, since the theme of the forum this does not imply, as the Russian economy will be the subject of discussion is that in international context — how are systemically economy suffers from political upheaval,” says Lukyanov.

Last year internal politics was dedicated to the first day of the forum, during which first Deputy head of the presidential administration Vyacheslav Volodin announced the participants argues, “no Putin — No Russia”.

Putin’s speech will be entirely devoted to foreign policy and international relations, believes a senior research fellow at the International Institute for strategic studies Samuel Charap. “In the current situation from his speech to explain the strategy of Russia in Syria, for her desired result from the surgery and how Russia sees a way out of this situation,” says Cherup. Russia quickly launched a military operation, what her intentions and plans were not fully explained to the world, said the expert.

Putin will continue the tradition of the programmatic speeches of recent years, predicts the head of the Washington Center for global interests Nikolai Zlobin. “Most likely, he will talk about how Russia sees global problem. All interested in the operation in Syria, the situation in Ukraine, so the President himself will address these issues”, — said Zlobin.

The Russian President used last year’s meeting with the Valdai club for programmatic statements on foreign policy. The theme of the meeting was announced as “the World order: new rules or a game without rules?”. Putin gave a 40-minute anti-American speech in which he accused Washington of the collapse of the global security system and the dictatorship in the international arena. On US he laid responsibility for the war in Ukraine, which began after the West sponsored the coup, and for the strengthening of the “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” (LIH, banned in Russia as a terrorist organization).