Russian Ambassador: Austria may return to the idea of a sale to Gazprom of a stake in gas exchange

VIENNA, 7 October. /Corr. Mikhail Shcherbakov/. The Austrian party can return to the idea of a sale to Gazprom of a stake in gas exchange-based Central European gas hub in Baumgarten. This was reported in an interview with the Russian Ambassador in Austria Dmitry lubinsky, officially came into Wednesday in his post, handing to the President his credentials.

“This is a theme sounded many years ago, then for a number of reasons the project did not take place. But the complex achievement of common interests I would not exclude that this topic may be discussed again,” he said.

18 June 2015 head of “Gazprom” and Austrian OMV have signed a Memorandum on participation of the group in the project “Northern stream-2” and in the development of Urengoy oil and gas condensate field. Austrian media reported that in exchange for participation in the development of the Urengoy field can offer OMV stake in its largest oil refinery “Schwechat” in Vienna. In addition, for many years the parties were negotiating the sale of shares in the exchange-based hub in Baumgarten.

In August, the head of OMV Rainer Seele said that the company had not yet discussed specific objects for the exchange of assets in the framework of the signed in June a Memorandum of cooperation. “We have not yet discussed the exchange of assets, the negotiations are still at an embryonic stage… We only decided only that “Gazprom” offers to consider participation in two fields,” he noted.

According to the Russian Ambassador, “the Austrian concern in the construction of the “Nord stream-2″ confirms that partners understand the strategic importance of Russian gas supplies to Europe, their indispensability, including for security and the Austria and its energy position in Central Europe and on a European scale”.