Apple has called “ludicrous” the new film about Steve Jobs

Apple has called “ludicrous” the new film about Steve Jobs

Apple’s chief designer sir Jonathan Ive said at a press conference on Wednesday that “don’t knows” Steve jobs, which was shown in the new biographical film “Steve jobs” directed by Danny Boyle, writes The Financial Times.

According to Quince, the legacy of his friend and colleague was “kidnapped”. While a top Manager of Apple admitted that he had not seen the new biopic, but have discussed it with friends who also knew Steve jobs during his lifetime.

Those who saw the film said that it shows jobs ‘ brutal and belligerent fanatic, said Ive. According to him, such a “laughable” portrait ignores the “context” is known of the behavior of jobs, which was a necessary part of the creative process.

A new biographical film “Steve jobs” was shown at the new York film festival on 3 October. In hire of the USA the film will be released on October 9, the film in Russia will take place on 1 January 2016. The Director of the movie was Briton Danny Boyle, who directed “Trainspotting”, “the Beach” and “28 days later”, “Sunshine”, “Slumdog Millionaire”, “127 hours”, “Trance”. The script for the film written by Aaron Sorkin, the producer and Creator of TV series “the West wing” and “news”. The basis scenario is based on the biography of jobs written by Walter Isaacson in 2011. The role of Steve jobs in the film was played by Michael Fassbender.

In 2013 came the film “jobs: the temptation Empire” directed by Joshua Michael stern, which attracted many negative reviews. The audience and the critics lacked credibility in the game Ashton Kutcher, were complaints about the quality of the script.