“Biblio Globus” cannot send tourists on flights of “Transaero” with the return from 25 October

MOSCOW, October 8. Tour operator “Biblio the globe” said about the impossibility of sending to the tourists by ticket of airline “Transaero” with the return after 24 October 2015 this is stated in the message of “Biblio Globus”.

The tour operator said that “Transaero” on October 7, had informed him that the airline will carry passengers on the return flights until October 24, and tickets with refund after that date is required to cancel. In this regard, “Biblio-Globus” is missing the opportunity to make issuing tickets and pass the full package of documents required for travel for all travelers whose dates the end of the trip after October 24. “Therefore, the tour operator has no possibility to fulfill the obligation to provide the tourism product of this category of tourists”, – stated in the message.

However, according to the tour operator, money for the purchase of tickets of airline “Biblio Globus” paid in full for the entire amount of transportation.

The refund for tourist products, cancelled in connection with essential change of circumstances relating to the failure by the carrier to make the flight documents, in violation of the terms of the agreement will be implemented only after the return of funds to the tour operator by the carrier and partners.

Previously, “Aeroflot” has confirmed that all customers of the company “Biblio Globus” with tickets Transaero with departure date and 00:00 on 12 October and returning on 24 October, inclusive, will be transported by the flights of Transaero in accordance with the schedule.

Also “Aeroflot” declared that the shipment information is on the following days will appear later.

While “Aeroflot” was not able to quickly comment on the statement “Biblio Globus”.