CBR gave the DIA a credit of 20 billion roubles

MOSCOW, October 8. The Bank of Russia provided to the Agency for Deposit insurance (DIA) a credit of 20 billion rubles to ensure the financial sustainability of the Deposit insurance system. This is stated in the message of the DIA.

In June, the Board of Directors of DIA approved the possibility of Agency in Bank of Russia on granting loans amounting to 110 billion rubles without collateral for a period of 5 years at a reduced rate, the report said. In agreement with the Bank of Russia ASV uses to Finance payments of insurance compensation at the expense of credits of Bank of Russia, if the size of Fund of obligatory insurance of deposits may fall below 40 billion.

This year, as of October 1, to receive insurance compensation totaling 205 billion requested 400 thousand people.

Regardless of the amount and extent of insurance claims of the DIA ensures that investors will be able to receive insurance benefits on time and in full, is spoken in the message of Agency.

The reason for the appeal

Earlier media reported that the reason for the DIA for the credit in the Bank of Russia was the revocation of the license of the Bank “Transport” the volume of deposits 42 billion.

After payments to depositors of the Bank, according to media reports, the DIA Foundation, they have about 15 billion rubles.

Liability insurance the Deposit insurance Agency in 2014 amounted to 202 billion roubles for the first quarter of 2015 – 20 billion roubles.