Foreign Ministry: Russia hopes for a constructive approach in the UN security Council to the resolution on the fight against terrorism

MOSCOW, October 8. Moscow hopes for deideologisation approach colleagues from the UN security Council to work on the Russian draft resolution on fighting terrorism. This was announced on Thursday the official representative of the Russian dipvedomstva Maria Zakharova.

The diplomat reminded that on 30 September at the Ministerial meeting of the UN security Council, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov presented the Russian side the draft resolution. “When you read that Russia is pursuing some of their own position, with no one coordinating, to combat terrorism in Syria and in the region, please note that on the table of the UN security Council is now the document that was submitted by the Federation, calling on countries to combine efforts, including in the preparation of this document. All actions were coordinated, the world to oppose this threat as a United front,” – said Zakharov.

“The document on the table, Russian diplomats are now working with their colleagues. I really hope for constructive work, – she said. – We expect that our colleagues from other security Council members will show deideologization approach to the formulation of that document, especially taking into account the urgency and scale of the terrorist threat facing the region”.