Medvedev: to support the sector in 2016 will be sent 237 billion rubles

MOSCOW, October 8. The Russian government will retain in 2016 the volume of state support of agroindustrial complex (PC) at the level of 237 billion roubles. This was reported today Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, opening the agricultural exhibition “Golden autumn”.

“In the current year on the development of agriculture from the budget plans to allocate over 230 billion rubles, namely the 237 billion rubles, he said. – Want to inform that yesterday, on my instructions, it was decided to maintain the same volume of financing of agriculture for the next year”.

I think this is an extremely important measure for the support of our village,” he said, noting that the actual impact of support measures is, “it is a lot”.

“Last week in the government we have summarized the first results of the harvesting campaign this year. There is reason to believe that the grain will be raised a further 100 million tons, – said Medvedev. Is a decent harvest despite all the problems with the weather, which will not only allow us to provide all domestic needs, but also will allow us to maintain a good export potential”.

According to the head of the government, only for the first 9 months of this year export of grain and products of its processing amounted to about 24 million tons. “This shows that our agrarian sector really is booming, even with the difficult situation in the economy. We just have to preserve everything that has been done over the past years”, he concluded.

About benefit sanctions

Medvedev believes that political decision to enter the food embargo in response to Western sanctions has been useful for Russian agriculture.

“Let me remind you that Russia has developed a special response of restrictive measures for the supply of agricultural products from several countries in Europe and the USA. This decision was largely dictated by political considerations, however, proved to be very advantageous for our agriculture, and a number of enterprises, companies from different countries who work with us,” – said the head of government.

According to him, the objectives of agricultural policy remain unchanged – this is a competitive modern agriculture, high-tech food processing, quality and affordable products on the tables of Russian consumers. Medvedev said that to achieve these indices, we use a range of tools and long-term operational planning.

The Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers noted with satisfaction that the Russian agricultural sector is on the rise in a period when many industries are experiencing difficulties. “In General, the production agriculture continues to increase,” he said. According to the head of the government, the positive dynamics of food and processing industry, increasing production of sugar and vegetable oil, improved the situation in animal husbandry. “I’m sure we and the meat will be provided in the near future, the Prime Minister said. – Began to grow more fruit and vegetables”.

For the sake of preserving and increasing the pace of agricultural development, he urged more attention be paid to modernization and to invest significant financial resources in research.

“We really need to engage in agricultural science”, – said Medvedev, having reminded that on many issues, including breeding, Russia considerably lags behind foreign partners. And yet, he has paid attention, some innovative technologies are insufficient to achieve these goals. It is necessary to prepare a modern workforce, which today can begin to work, and using the most advanced technologies.

Opening the exhibition, the Prime Minister congratulated all the farmers coming Day of worker of agriculture and processing industry. On the eve of the festival he presented state awards and honorary titles. In particular, the General Director of OOO “Avangard” (Ryazan region) Georgy SVID was awarded the order of Alexander Nevsky, and the General Director of CJSC “Zelenograd” (Moscow region) Yury walecki – the order of Friendship.

Moreover, Medvedev gave medals of the order “For merits before Fatherland” the first and second degrees, and also awarded the title “Honored worker of agriculture of the Russian Federation” , “Honored worker of food industry of the Russian Federation” and “Honored worker of higher school of the Russian Federation”.