Near Vladivostok was opened the largest casino in Russia

MOSCOW, October 8. The first casino integrated entertainment zone “Primorye” Tigre de Cristal opened in muravyinaya Bay near Vladivostok.

The opening of the first object in the gambling zone “Amber” near Kaliningrad is transferred from the end of 2015 to summer of 2016, told TASS the company “Royal Time Group”. It is the Russian developer of gambling and investor.

The first customers will take on the role of experts

“A new object, implemented in the integrated resort “Primorye”, volume surpasses all existing casinos. It is the largest gambling complex in Russia”, – said the Director of the Department of tourism of Primorsky Krai Konstantin Shestakov.

The first customers will take on the role of experts who will assess the level of operation of the new casino. Wishes, guests can give the wait staff or use a call center. Besides, on the official website of the casino is created the special questionnaire.

“This will help us to the moment of the solemn opening of the complex (November 12) to improve the level of service based on the opinion of the first customers. So, during the month a part of the room Fund of the hotel will be occupied by casino employees for testing,” said Executive Director of the owner of the object G1 Entertainment by Craig Ballantyne.

From 8 October, all the slot machines and tables ready to use, restaurants, ready to move in hotel rooms.

Plans in Primorye

The gambling zone “Primorye” will be located in muravyinaya Bay near Vladivostok on the area of 620 hectares, where in addition to entertainment centers and casinos planned to build four five-star hotels, seven four – star and four – star. On the campus there will be 12 guest villas, yacht club, a multipurpose trade and exhibition complex, several cinemas, promenade and other tourist facilities.

Infrastructure entertainment zone is created at the expense of the regional budget. It is expected that the project will proceed in three phases, the last completed in 2022. Four have already signed an investment agreement on construction of hotels and casino totaling $ 108 billion.

By the time of the zone the project capacity will be created 15 thousand new jobs only in the direction of direct employment and in related industries – up to 30 thousand.

It is expected that through the implementation of the project only from gambling activities, the region will receive at least 1 billion rubles in taxes.

The sharp growth of exchange rate adjusted terms

The opening of the first object in the gambling zone “Amber” near Kaliningrad postponed to next year. As told the press Secretary of the company “Royal Time Group”Olga Khalitova, “the time of the solemn opening of the first phase of the first integrated resort with gambling component in the gambling zone “Amber” moved to summer 2016,” said Khalitov.

According to her, the company was forced to change the project “from the point of view of optimization of its economy”. On the value of the object affected by the change of the exchange rate, “since the basic materials, equipment supplied from abroad,” explained the Agency interlocutor.

According to her, despite the situation, “Royal Time Group” confirms the plans for the development of a gambling zone “Amber”. Now construction of the First integrated resort with a gaming component. It includes a casino, restaurants and bars, a stage area. The second phase involves the construction of a hotel of category 4 star, conference center, health SPA complex, Sky bar and casino club, a landscaped promenade.

As previously reported, total investment in the development of the whole territory “Amber” until 2029 will total 45 billion. By 2025, the facility will employ over 10 thousand people and tax revenues to the budgets of various levels more than 3 billion rubles. The project, by estimations of the regional authorities, will give a powerful impetus to the development of the tourism industry in the region.

In “Royal Time Group” note that, unlike the gambling zone “Azov-city”, “Amber” will be a place for a family holiday.

“Siberian coin” every month takes not less than 3 thousand players

The first active in the Altai region has a casino official in the gambling zone “Siberian coin”, by the summer of 2016 plans to take 12-13 thousand people. About this earlier said General Manager Eugene Oblique.

“Today, the personal base features is about five thousand people. Each month we come not less than three thousand people. The database is growing daily for 30-40 people. This good results, but we planned that for this period the attendance will be about 20 percent higher, however, while the overall crisis in the economy. We planned that before the end of the year the visitors will be not less than seven thousand people, and by the summer of next year the number will be close to 13 thousand,” said he.

According to Oblique, the main visitors of the Altai casino – the inhabitants of Siberia /Altai, Krasnoyarsk Krai, Republic of Altai, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo regions/. The interlocutor of the Agency noted that monthly casino pay to the budget more than 3 million roubles of taxes. At this point in the construction of the institution invested more than 1 billion rubles. For full completion it is planned to direct about 400 million

Investor “Azov-city” owed

Administration of Krasnodar region filed at the beginning of October the Arbitration court the claim about collecting of debts and cancellation of contracts of rent of the earth in shcherbinovsky area with one of the investors of a gambling zone “Azov-city” the company “Royal Time Group”. Only filed 12 lawsuits, said in court.

“Claims have been received from the Department of property relations of Krasnodar region”, – follows from the filing of the arbitration.

The company owed under leases of land in “Azov – city” has more than 3.7 million rubles.

According to the regional Ministry of Finance, investors of a gambling zone “Azov-city” from the beginning of the year transferred to the budget of Kuban almost 155 million rubles in taxes, which is 18 million more than the same period last year.

In shcherbinovsky district of Krasnodar region, where there is the “Azov – city”, operates two company-investor of the gambling zone. The investments of “Royal Time Group” in the development of the complex of facilities under the brand “Oracle” to the end of the year should be more than 3.4 billion rubles. In August, the investor has frozen the implementation of three more projects totaling $ 14 billion.

On the territory of “Azov-city” also has a company “Shambala”, which belongs to the complex area of 19 thousand square meters for $ 1.2 billion. In October, the company plans to open the second phase of the casino. On the area of 18.5 thousand square meters in gaming machines and tables, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotel, Spa, conference room.

The state Duma has allowed to open casinos in Crimea

In July 2014 the state Duma adopted a law allowing to open casinos in Crimea and on the territory of the Olympic objects in Krasnodar region. Simultaneously, the document abolished gambling in other parts of the Kuban in Anapa and shcherbinovsky district. At the same time, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation issued a number of amendments to the articles of the law “On state regulation of activities on organization and conduct of gambling” in relation to the conservation of existing areas.

Created in the “Azov-city” the company continued to work and simultaneously raised the issue of payment of compensations for the investment in construction of facilities funds and lost profits.

As reported, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said earlier to journalists that the issue of compensation to the investors liquidated the gambling zone “Azov-city” will be resolved in October. “The numbers are estimates, but I personally doubt they called, so I call them until I’m”, he said. “I think that they are too large, and we will try to conduct an independent examination”, – said Kozak.