Peskov: Putin aware of Erdogan’s words about the possibility to refuse from purchasing Russian gas

SOCHI, October 8. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin informed about the statements of the Turkish leader Tayyip Erdogan on the possibility to refuse from purchasing Russian gas. However, in the Kremlin expect to maintain mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries and operation in Syria is considered as an aid in ensuring security on the borders with Turkey, Recalling that the efforts of the coalition led by the U.S. has not resulted in a decrease in controlled by the terrorists territories – last year they, on the contrary, increased in multiples.

“The President, of course, already informed about the statements of Mr. Erdogan. Traditionally, we appreciate our bilateral relations with the Turkish Republic, we sincerely hope that these relations will continue to flourish and in accordance with the plans that were outlined by President Putin and President Erdogan,” – said the press-Secretary of Russian leader Dmitry Peskov.

The Kremlin spokesman stressed that “this cooperation is mutually beneficial and meets the interests of the peoples of the two countries”.

He noted that the military operation in Syria to secure the borders of Turkey, which failed to achieve by bombing coalition led by the United States. “As for Russia’s actions in Syria, then those actions are intended to contribute to the preservation of the territorial and political integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic, thereby contributing to stability and security in the region, which is adjacent to the borders of the Turkish Republic,” stated Sands. In his opinion, “in this regard, of course, Russia helps ensure that the borders of the Turkish Republic would be more stability and more security”.

The representative of the Kremlin also considers necessary to recall that “prior to the operation of the Russian Armed forces to support the Syrian army, the coalition that consists of various countries, led by USA for a long time – over a year – she strikes on the positions of classified positions as ISIL”. “This not only has reduced the territory under the control of this and other terrorist organizations, but on the contrary, over the past year, this area increased by a multiple of that, in fact, destabilizes the situation in Syria itself and, of course, is a threat to the Turkish Republic”, – said Peskov.


Russia started the operation against militants grouping “Islamic state” (organization banned in Russia) in Syria on 30 September, at the request of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. The aviation group includes more than 50 aircraft and helicopters, including su-24M, su-25 and a new multifunctional su-34.

On 7 October, the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu reported to the President about the preliminary results of the air operation. “From September 30 to date, struck for 112 objects. The intensity of impacts increases. For the last two days of intensive work of different types of intelligence discovered a large number of features of LIH: it is the control centre, an ammunition dump, equipment, training camps of militants”, – said the Minister. To defeat terrorists, according to the head of the defense Ministry, in addition to aviation, were involved and vehicles based in the Caspian sea. “This morning drew the ships of the Caspian flotilla – rocket ship 4 has conducted 26 launches of cruise missiles sea-launched on 11 goals, – said Shoigu. According to the data of objective control, all targets were destroyed, civilians didn’t suffer”.

Statement Tayyip Erdogan

As stated earlier, the President of Turkey, Ankara may reconsider its cooperation with Moscow on gas. “We are a major buyer of Russian gas. The loss of Turkey to Russia will be a great loss. Turkey, if need be, can get gas from many other sources. But this should not happen. Russia is our very important trading partner, therefore she should approach this issue with greater sensitivity,” said he.

Erdogan also recalled that Russia “has invested $3 billion in the construction of NPP “Akkuyu”. “If they build it, someone else will come and build another. We don’t want to lose the existing cooperation mechanisms, so upset when Russia makes steps which would cause this to happen,” said the President of Turkey. He stressed that the two countries signed a number of intergovernmental mechanisms of cooperation, including the cooperation Council of the highest level.

Expert opinion

Rhetoric Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan in respect of purchases of Russian gas doesn’t sound so menacing than its interpreted, believes the Deputy head of the national energy security Fund Alexei Grivach. Disagreements of Russia and Turkey on Syria, there are long, like an expert, but ahead of the elections, and Erdogan need to earn extra political points and explains his words in respect of purchases of Russian gas.

Director of the Institute of national energy Sergey Pravosudov I agree with my colleague. Erdogan needs to attract new nationalistic electorate to win elections that will take place in three weeks. But if Erdogan’s party wins in the elections, on real projects is not affected, said the Director of the Institute.

According to Grivach, if the intention of the Turkish President to reduce purchases of Russian gas would be indeed real, then the wording would have been different. First of all, would have sounded plans of the country, the expert believes, by a change in the purchasing portfolio for 10 years, because to refuse Russian supplies, which constitute 55-60% of import? it is simply impossible. “There are contractual commitments, new sources, and the price of procurement is also important,” – said the Deputy head of the Fund.

Turkey has no gas sources, which could compensate for Russian supplies, and she will not be able to stop importing gas from Russia in the next 10 years. This opinion was expressed by analyst of Sberbank CIB Valery Nesterov.

Nesterov said that at present, Russian gas is supplied to Turkey through the TRANS-Balkan gas pipeline (transit through Ukraine – approx. ed.) in a volume of about 14 billion cubic metres per year through the pipeline “Blue stream” Black sea – a little less 16 billion cubic meters per year. Domestic production of Turkey has almost none. In addition to Russian gas Turkey receives gas from Azerbaijan (in the order of 6 billion cubic meters) and Iran (also about 6 billion cubic meters). The demand for gas in Turkey as a result of the development of the national economy will only increase.

The expert noted that alternative sources of gas Turkey will not be enough to compensate for the volumes of Russian gas. “Gas from Azerbaijan road, with deliveries to Turkey from the project of “Shah Deniz”, maximum can be only another 6 billion cubic meters, the remaining amount, according to the agreement, should go to Europe,” he continues. To rely on gas supplies from Iran, according to Nesterov, Turkey.

“Relations with Iran and Turkey. Iran supplies to Turkey up to 6 billion cubic meters of gas, but the price of this gas is extremely high, it comes to $600 for 1 thousand cubic meters has a Lot to say about the future of Iran, but supplies of pipeline gas from Iran, Europe and Turkey in the near future should not expect”, – he explained.