Rosatom: changes in Turkish NPP project no, work is proceeding on schedule

MOSCOW, October 8. Changes in the project company NPP “Akkuyu” no, work is continuing on schedule. This was reported in the state Corporation “Rosatom”, which is engaged in the implementation of this project.

“Rosatom has always fulfilled its obligations. Even in difficult political circumstances, – said the Agency interlocutor. – Changes in the work of the project company “Akkuyu” no. The company continues to operate on schedule”.

In “Rosatom” emphasized that “traditionally, we appreciate our bilateral relations with the Turkish Republic and sincerely hope that these relations will continue to flourish and in accordance with the plans that were outlined by President Putin and President Erdogan”.

As reported, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in an interview with journalists stated that Turkey may reconsider cooperation with Russia in the energy sector, particularly gas and nuclear plant construction.

Erdogan also recalled that Russia has already “invested $3 billion in the construction of NPP “Akkuyu”.

“If they build it, someone else will come and build another. We don’t want to lose the existing cooperation mechanisms, so upset when Russia makes steps which would cause this to happen,” said Erdogan. He stressed that the two countries signed a number of intergovernmental mechanisms of cooperation, including the cooperation Council of the highest level.

Russia and Turkey agreed on the construction of NPP in 2010. The agreement provides for the construction on the southern coast of Turkey in Mersin province nuclear plant consisting of four power units of the project “NPP-2006” with the VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 4800 MW.

Also discusses the question of the provision of Rosatom the status of a strategic investor for the project of NPP construction “Akkuyu”, which will allow Russian companies to reduce profit tax from 20% to 2%.

As of January 2015 for the project for construction of NPP was allocated about $800 million the Total amount of funds allocated to the project to date is about $3 billion, its Total cost is estimated at $22 billion.