Rosturizm does not expect growth of the price of vouchers in case of departure “Transaero”

YEKATERINBURG, October 8. Rosturizm hopes to raise prices for travel packages in the event of withdrawal from the market of airline “Transaero”, said the Deputy head of Department novel Soon.

“The reasons for the growth of prices there. I think that the price will not grow with the overall changed situation, because they are already high enough (due to the ruble – note). I think that prices have stabilized and the market is gradually adapting to the situation, so expect a price growth we don’t plan,” said Near .

He noted that the situation remains difficult, but it is monitored on a daily basis.

“It’s hard to tell the final outcome of the story, but we try to do everything possible so that Russian tourists were not injured,” – said the Deputy Minister.

Earlier the head of Federal tourism Agency Oleg Safonov said that the situation with “Transaero” in addition to “Biblio-Globus” affects Coral Travel and Intourist, but to a lesser degree.