Shuvalov: doindeksatsii of pensions in the 2nd half of 2016 will depend on the growth of the economy

MOSCOW, October 8. Doindeksatsii of pensions in the second half of 2016 will depend on the growth of the economy. This was announced on Thursday, first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

“It was decided that doindeksatsii (pensions during the second half of 2016) should be still associated with economic growth”, – told reporters the first Vice-Premier Igor Shuvalov.

Earlier Thursday, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, speaking at a government meeting, recalled that in the second half of 2016 will be discussed possible doindeksatsii pensions.

On the indexation of tariffs for gas

According to Shuvalov, the indexation of gas tariffs in 2016 is likely to be no more than 4%. “Not more than 4 percent,” he said.

The final figures for tariffs will be worked out within today or tomorrow, he added.

Speaking of met on gas for Gazprom, Igor Shuvalov said that the need is reasonable to calculate the coefficient in the formula, arguing about the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of energy.

“The energy Ministry said that the ratio a little lower, as if to change by a factor of Finance, more than RUB 100 billion And the Finance Ministry initially asked for 100 billion rubles”, – he explained.

Shuvalov added that the export duty on oil decided that it will not decline in 2016.