The authorities proposed to triple the state aid mortgage borrowers

The authorities proposed to triple the state aid mortgage borrowers

More money, the conditions are softer

became known the details of the updated programme of assistance to mortgage borrowers who find themselves in difficult situations, the draft of which was prepared by the Agency for housing mortgage lending. Document () is being coordinated by the Ministry of construction.

The new version of the program assumes an increase in the amount of state compensation, to be claimed by mortgage borrower, three times — to 600 thousand rubles, but this compensation may not exceed 10% of the loan.

In addition, the developers propose to abolish the requirement for compulsory presence at the borrower of delay. In the current version of the program is expected to qualify for restructuring may only citizens who have credit indebtedness is at least 30 days but not more than 120 days. “It turns out that the borrower just two months to resolve the issue with the Bank. If it fails, it loses the ability to restructure the debt and the Bank have no choice but to start court proceedings”, — said a top Manager of a major Bank involved in the discussion of the draft of the seller. Under the terms of the existing program the seller, the borrower, the property on which levied, cannot claim compensation. In addition, according to the banker, there are a number of borrowers who could restructure the loan using the seller, but do not want to delay, not to spoil your credit history.

Will expand the list of citizens who can claim to help the seller. In particular, the new edition of the family, accepting a mortgage, it will be enough to have one minor child. Now to take advantage of restructuring a mortgage loan, to lower the rate and get forgiveness of debt can 13 categories of Russians. Including a family with two children, veterans, invalids, civil servants, workers of the defence industry, municipal research and backbone enterprises.

“The current version of the assistance program mortgage borrowers does require adjustments,” — said the official representative of the seller. He confirmed that the Agency is working with banks-partners have prepared proposals for changes in the program to make it more efficient and accessible for borrowers. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of construction has not responded to the request .

Conditions more important than money

Top Manager of the Bank, ranked among the ten largest participants in the mortgage market, said that the restriction by social criteria reduced the effectiveness of the program of assistance to borrowers to a minimum: “As a rule, the mortgage in our Bank took middle-class people who have good income, but due to time constraints they are not able to serve the credit”.

Earlier the Director of Department of mortgage lending VTB 24 Andrey Osipov said that the restructuring program the seller can reduce the monthly payment in 2,5 times for a year. However, according to the banker, these calculations are correct for loans in 3-3,5 million rubles. in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the size of the mortgages above, allocated 200 thousand rubles is enough for the lower payment in 2-2,5 times within 4-6 months. “You can count on the fact that with increasing maximum compensation restructuring will reduce monthly payments in 4-5 times for up to a year. This will enable the borrower to live through difficult times”, — said a top Manager of the Bank, ranked among the ten largest participants in the mortgage market.

“We see no advantages in increasing the amount of compensation”, — said Vice President “BKM Opening” Anna Yudina. According to her, given the average size of a mortgage loan, most borrowers will be able to receive compensation not exceeding 400 thousand rubles., and in the regions, the amount will be even less: “we are more important if reduced requirements for borrowers applying for restructuring”.According to the head of Association of regional banks of Russia Anatoly Aksakov, the document has received approval from 45 banks.

A source close to the seller said that according to preliminary calculations, the changes in the assistance program mortgage borrowers will not require additional expenditures. “In my estimation, to restructure it is necessary about 6 billion roubles of mortgage loans, but due to the various constraints of the real volume of mortgages, placed under the restructuring, will be significantly lower,” he said. In the spring the government under the anti-crisis plan has allocated from the Federal budget on support of mortgage borrowers 4.5 billion rubles According to the Agency, restructuring could count 22.5 thousand mortgage borrowers. Tuesday, 7 October, the newspaper “Vedomosti”, with reference to the report of the audit chamber, said that the promised money the seller has not received from the borrowers on mortgages in a difficult situation.

So borrowers could use the offer of the government, banks were to enter into a contract with the seller. Did most of the leading players of the mortgage market, among which are Sberbank, VTB24 and Bank of Moscow, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank. As stated in the explanatory note to the project of the Agency for housing mortgage lending on 14 September 2015 AHML signed a cooperation agreement with 32 banks, and completed another restructuring of the mortgage loan.

According to the published data of the Central Bank, on September 1, 2015 overdue debt on mortgage loans in rubles amounted to 36.2 billion rubles, having increased since the beginning of 2015 25.2%. Mortgages in a foreign currency, the citizens of overdue payments in the amount of 23.4 billion rubles At the beginning of the year allowance for these loans was 17.1 billion rubles, i.e. by 1 September 2015 it has increased by more than 37%.