The General staff: the West is waging an information campaign against Russia on the basis of the Ukrainian crisis

MOSCOW, October 8. Western countries developed on the basis of the Ukrainian crisis information campaign against Russia.

The true causes of this crisis were not mentioned. This was stated by the head of the Military Academy of the General staff of the armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Makarov.

“At the present time, under the pretext of protecting Ukraine against “Russian aggression” Western countries against the Russian Federation launched large-scale information campaign”, – said Makarov in the course of passing at the Academy of the international conference on Afghanistan.

From the world community are hiding the true reasons of occurrence and development of the Ukrainian crisis, fails to show the facts of war with the use of armed forces against civilians in the South-East of the country, “thereby increasing the potential for conflict and reduce the prospects for a peaceful resolution of the conflict”.

“An important aspect of information campaigns conducted by USA and NATO is ignoring evidence to substantiate the legitimacy of the ongoing use of force”, – continued the head of the Military Academy of the General staff. As an example, he cited Syria, where “the Americans demonize the government of Bashar al-Assad, presenting him as a dictator”.