The head of the British division of Volkswagen called to Parliament to explain

LONDON, October 8. /Corr. Vladimir Kalinin/. The head of the British division of Volkswagen Group UK Paul Willis called to Parliament for explanations regarding “diesel scandal”, in the center of the German automaker. This was announced in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.

Willis will answer questions of the special parliamentary Committee on transport on Monday, October 12.

It is expected that deputies will demand from the head of the British division of the auto giant report on how many vehicles Volkswagen has been affected by the scandal in the United Kingdom, and what actions the company intends to take to exit the current crisis situation.

The Commission meeting will be attended by the transport Minister Patrick MacLachlan. As reported on the official website of the House of Commons, he will also have to answer the questions of the parliamentarians, particularly that the government was doing to “restore confidence in the system check emissions”.

It is worth noting that last week the Volkswagen Group UK announced the decision to withdraw in the UK 1 million 189 thousand 906 cars. Notice for the direction of cars serviced to correct technical deficiencies in the following month will be sent to the owners of 508 thousand passenger cars and 79 276 838 thousand trucks Volkswagen, 393 thousand 450 cars Audi, 76 773 thousand vehicles Seat 131 and 569 thousand cars of Skoda.

The company said that all of these cars are adapted to ride and not pose a threat to the safety of their drivers and other road users.

Carmaker Volkswagen was accused of the USA in their diesel equipment hire software, lowered the real value of emissions of harmful substances. The investigation into the auto giant launched in Europe, USA and Asia. The American government has ordered the group to withdraw 482 thousand cars of brands Volkswagen and Audi sold in the country in 2009-2015. The company may also face a fine of up to $18 billion According to the press release Volkswagen, falsifying environmental tests on the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases of vehicles affect up to 11 million cars worldwide.