The head of the General staff of the Russian armed forces: up to 1 million people could be sent to Europe in search of refuge in 2015.

MOSCOW, October 8. Up to a million people this year can head to Europe in search of asylum, said today the chief of the Russian General staff army General Valery Gerasimov at the opening of the international conference on Afghanistan.

“Currently, the European Union decided to resettle in European States about 150 thousand migrants, – he reminded. – However, the actual refugee flows significantly more. According to some reports, this year in search of asylum in countries of the continent may be sent to a million people. Many among them immigrants from Afghanistan”.

According to Gerasimov, daily to Afghan authorities for passports turn up to 8 thousand people. “The reason for this is enforced in the propagation among the population of extremist ideology, the relentless attacks, low standard of living,” said the General.

The level of instability and armed conflicts in the world are growing, role of international institutions in their resolution is reduced, said Gerasimov.