The Ministry of construction of Russia proposes to subsidise interest rates on loans for major repairs is similar to the mortgage

MOSCOW, October 8. The Ministry of construction of Russia plans to introduce a programme of state support of crediting of the population for capital repairs of houses by analogy with subsidized mortgage rates. This was announced at a meeting with journalists the Deputy Minister of construction and housing Andrey Chibis.

“It is necessary that banks have learned how to work on loans for capital repairs as well as mortgage programs. And then we can launch a similar mortgage program gozdarski credit repaired,” he said.

Program launch possible in mid-2016, said the lapwing. At this point the Ministry of construction will be collected the cases of successful examples of credit, on the basis of which it will be possible to calculate the volumes of state support.

Examples of loans for capital repairs in Rostov region, said the Deputy Minister. In the region issued more than ten credits in a variety of types of work – in the amount from 700 thousand to 1.8 million rubles at the rate of 15% per annum. According to the Lapwing, the Ministry is negotiating with banks to lower rates to 15%. In the future, the Ministry hopes with government support to reduce interest rates on loans for capital repairs up to 10%.

Regulation of contributions on the Federal level

The construction Ministry took the initiative to introduce the rules of regulating the size of contributions for capital repairs in the regions at the Federal level. “Now the Federal government cannot directly affect the size of the fee in each specific region. As a result, we with the Minister of construction and housing Mikhail men./ have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to minimize the risks for the population and agreed to take the initiative to introduce the rules of the regulation of contributions for capital repairs at the Federal level. We have already appealed to the government and we were given instructions to come up with legislative changes. With high probability we such regulation will enter”, – said the Deputy Minister.

Minvu will have the right to intervene in cases where the contributions do not meet the regulations and give the regions regulations on the adjustment, said the lapwing.

According to forecasts of the Ministry of construction, by the end of 2015 in Russia will be renovated under the program of major repairs of 30 thousand houses. In 2016 it is planned to reach the volume of 50 thousand apartment houses a year, said the Deputy Minister.

The terms of transfer to the special account of the overhaul could cut

The Ministry of construction does not exclude the possibility of adjusting the timing on the transition from a “common pot” to a special account on the overhaul at the Federal level. “Maybe we will adjust the timing of the transition from the common pot to a special account at the Federal level. Now this period is 2 years. We believe that we should not keep people”, – said lapwing.

The Deputy Minister stressed that the transition to a special account and self-manage funds for capital repairs of the house increases the level of consciousness of the residents as owners.

Chibis reminded that in the autumn session the state Duma will consider the bill aimed at preserving savings for the repair and installation of interest on the special account not less than on Deposit at the Bank.

When you start the Federal program of major repairs in Russia, the citizens had the opportunity to choose whether to accumulate funds for major repairs on the special accounts and manage them independently through the HOA or pass under the control of the regional operators, the so-called “common pot”. To change the shape of the accumulation and management of funds for the repair people could not earlier than two years.

The extension of the list of beneficiaries

The Ministry of construction of the Russian Federation is ready to consider the possibility of expanding the list of beneficiaries contributions for the overhaul. “All benefits that were in utilities, we have retained and pay for the repair, and with low income receive subsidies. There is a proposal from colleagues in the party (“United Russia” – approx.ed.) to enter additional categories of beneficiaries. We will explore this possibility. But it is important to remember that beneficiaries pay the budget,” said Chibis.

The Deputy Minister reminded that the regions have the right to differentiate the contributions for the repair, but not by population group and by type of houses.

The proposal of deputies from “United Russia” on differentiation of the contributions supported Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.