The Russian foreign Ministry: actions of the authorities of Moldova, reminiscent of the “carpet bombing” of the Russian media

MOSCOW, October 8. Russia expects from Chisinau and international organizations concrete steps on the situation with Russian journalists, that should not happen again. This was stated by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

“Yesterday there was a case of gross violation by the authorities of Moldova of its international commitments to ensure freedom of expression and media activities, she said. – In Chisinau under absolutely far-fetched pretext dismissed the two Russian journalists, it is about the TV channel “Russia 24″, in the entry for the match of the qualifying tournament of European championship 2016 between the national teams of Moldova and Russia”.

Zakharov reminded that this is not the first time the authorities of Moldova artificial obstacles to the work of Russian journalists in that country. Over the last six months in Chisinau have not got the film crew of TV channels “Russia 24”, “Lifenews”, “Star”, “TV-Center” and NTV, who were going to do stories about mass protests in the capital of Moldova, elections in Gagauzia and other events. “The question here is about the fact that Moldovan authorities begin to act in a “carpet bombing” of Russian journalists – said the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry. – This question is not unique, not random, apparently, is a matter of some coordinated policy that is pursued by Chisinau against the Russian media.”

“Such steps Chisinau is called the absolute confusion, because we are talking about the coverage of a sporting event, – said Zakharov. – Such steps are generally not allowed, but when it comes to sports, what could have been here to provide political and criminal?”

“In my opinion, is not so much important explanation for the Moldovan side, how much should be taken appropriate steps on the part of Chisinau, and the international organizations. It is important that such things do not happen again. If they are repeated, and the more systemic in nature, they must be given appropriate international legal assessment. Then we will understand that much of what is happening in this country is not transparent, because it highlights one-sided, because there is not allowed the media with political motives”, – said the diplomat.

She expressed the view that the Embassy of Moldova in Moscow, “it must present its position”.