The Russian foreign Ministry: Russia and Japan focused on the historical aspects of the question of a peace Treaty

MOSCOW, October 8. Representatives of Russia and Japan in the second round of negotiations on the peace Treaty have focused on the historical aspects of the problem. This was reported in the Russian foreign Ministry on the results held in Moscow meeting of Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Morgulov and Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan Shinsuke Sugiyama.

“The discussion was focused on the historical aspects of this problem, – have informed in the Russian dipvedomstva. – Negotiations are conducted in accordance with the instructions of the leaders of Russia and Japan, and will be continued”.

After the Second world war, diplomatic relations between Moscow and Tokyo have not been established. The Soviet Union had with Japan and the peace Treaty in 1951 did not join the San Francisco peace Treaty. This document has documented the refusal of Japan of all rights, title and claim to the Kurile Islands and southern Sakhalin island. Moscow and Tokyo on October 19, 1956, signed a Declaration calling for an end to state of war and restoring diplomatic and consular relations, and pledged to continue talks on the peace Treaty. At the same time the USSR agreed to give Japan the Islands of Habomai and Shikotan, but only after the peace agreement, and expressed willingness to discuss other outstanding issues. However, in 1960 the USSR in response to the decision by Tokyo to extend his stay on Japanese territory, U.S. troops quashed their commitments.

Today, Russia’s position is that the question of ownership of the Islands is closed, while Japan continues to insist on their return, indicating that the San Francisco Treaty did not specify to whom pass the Kuril Islands.