VEB has earned for “taciturn” almost 168 billion rubles.

VEB has earned for “taciturn” almost 168 billion rubles.

For the third quarter of VEB earned 53,5 billion rubles, which is 2.1 times more than in the third quarter of 2014.

The largest volume of pension accumulation is the enlarged portfolio — 1,88 trln rbl. the income for the third quarter amounted to 52,9 billion rubles since the beginning of the year about 166 billion rubles. most VEB earned as a result of revaluation of assets of 32 billion rubles. for the quarter and 107 billion rubles since the beginning of the year. Income from dividends amounted to RUB 13.2 billion for the quarter and 37.5 billion since the start of the year. Thanks to the accrual of interest on deposits, the management company earned RUR 6.8 billion in the third quarter and 20.8 billion rubles since the beginning of 2015.

The share of government bonds in the extended portfolio of Vnesheconombank in the first nine months amounts to 767 billion rubles, the share of corporate bonds — 658 billion roubles, on deposits is 251 billion rubles, the Share of deposits increased for the third quarter from 9% to 13%. On the deposits VEB reserves means that after a pass in NPF, explained the Director of Department of trust management of Vnesheconombank Alexander Popov.

The asset portfolio of government bonds of VEB — 22 billion rubles, of which more than 5.4 billion rubles invested in OFZ, 4.2 billion rubles in corporate bonds, and more than 12 billion rubles is on Deposit. Revenue for the third quarter it amounted to 630 million rubles, from the beginning of the year to 1.75 bn Result for the first nine months was chiefly due to the revaluation of assets, which amounted to RUB 1 billion In the third quarter, a significant role was played by the interest on deposits — they brought 325 million (554 million roubles since the beginning of the year).

From may to September, the web has bought in the primary market bonds to 62 billion rubles, said Popov. Among them bonds of FGC UES (40 billion roubles), Russian Railways (17 billion rubles) and KAMAZ (5 billion rubles). Throughout the year, VEB has acquired bonds for 80 billion rubles by the end of the year plans for a further 34 billion rubles “More, alas, can’t because have to reserve funds in Bank deposits to provide a refund to the pension Fund at the request of citizens who have chosen non-state pension system. This year we passed 400 billion rubles, the next will not be less”, — said Popov.

Data on the profitability of investing pension savings VEB publishes later. Popov predicts that the yield on VEB in the first nine months will be comparable to the rate of inflation. “More precisely I can not say yet, unfortunately, inflation in the country remains high,” he commented. Since the beginning of the year consumer prices grew by 10.4%.

The highest yield in the third quarter brought investments in corporate debt, said the General Director UK “Kapital” Vadim Soskov. “By the end of the year, barring anything extraordinary, the average yield on the investment of savings all governors would 12,5–14% annual,” he says, adding that a better result can show only those managers that will increase the share of stock: “But you need to have nerves of steel, because such a risk can result in a failure results in the whole year.”

Commenting on the words of the first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov, the Central Bank creates an alternative pension system, Popov said he did not believe in the successful functioning of a voluntary system. “Our citizens are not as high income and low financial literacy. In the U.S. system of co-financing works with the 70-ies, and involves only 50% of the population. Other refuse”, — said Popov.

“It’s time to leave the pension system alone and let it work,” he added.

According to Popov, 600 thousand citizens consciously choose an extended portfolio of Vnesheconombank, more than 300 thousand — a portfolio of government securities. According to him, the accounts of these citizens 40-50 billion rubles. Other clients of the web “undecideds”.