Vnukovo airport has denied reports a stampede due to delayed flight into Egypt

MOSCOW, October 8. Moscow Vnukovo airport disproved information that in the air Harbor on 7 October the Association in connection with the 8-hour delayed flight to Sharm – El-Sheikh Arab Republic of Egypt. About this informed the head a press-services Vnukovo Elena Krylov.

“Flight airline “Transaero” was delayed by 8 hours due to the replacement of the aircraft. Airline employees and airport are constantly working with passengers were provided with hot meals, drinks, in strict accordance with paragraph 99 of the Federal aviation regulations,” – said Krylov.

According to her, due to the fact that the provided the aircraft had less capacity, the airline had decided some of the passengers to send in the morning 8:50 Moscow time from Domodedovo airport.

“A few people were denied flights because they were in a condition of strong alcoholic intoxication and incorrect behaved, forgetting that nearby are women and children,” she said.

“With passengers worked the doctors of the medical unit of the airport Vnukovo, and employees of service of aviation security control at the airport. Passengers who flew in the morning, placed in a comfortable hotel for waiting your flight,” she added.

In a press-service Vnukovo are asked to be sensitive to the situation and advised to monitor the status of flights on the official website of the airport and airline “Transaero” and “Aeroflot”, where the day before is all the information on the cancellation of flights. The airline “Transaero”, which appeared on the verge of bankruptcy, since October 1, closed the ticket. From October 6 began the cancellation of dozens of flights, most of the passenger traffic to the middle of winter took over “Aeroflot”.