Zyuganov has compared Kiev’s decision to erase the names of Communists with maps of Ukraine with the actions of the IG

MOSCOW, October 8. The leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov drew Parallels between the actions of militants in Russia banned terrorist organization “Islamic state” that destroyed the ancient triumphal arch in Palmyra, and the decision of the Kyiv authorities to withdraw from the Ukrainian geographical names the names of the figures of communism.

Earlier media reported that the national memory Institute of Ukraine published a list of 520 historical figures related to communism. They included among others the authors of the Communist ideology of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin. Their names should disappear from the geographical names of Ukraine of 21 November, noted by the media.

Zyuganov called the publication of the list of idiocy and admitted that he is most afraid of the “dictatorship of idiots and fools”. “In the South, the fighters (militants – ed.) pull down the monuments of their ancient culture, and these destroy the foundations of the spiritual values of mankind. Communism is the priority of public interests over private. The first Communist of our era was Jesus Christ who raised the banner in the name of the poor, the weak, the oppressed,” said Zyuganov.

“These raised a hand to the millennial history, all those who defended the ideals of justice, friendship, respect for human labor. Most disgusting hard to imagine”, – he added.

According to the politician, history has condemned the current leadership of Ukraine. “The farther they will be to deal with such things, the sooner will come the end of the pack”, concluded the leader of the Communist party.

The Verkhovna Rada on April 9 passed a law condemning the Communist and Nazi totalitarian regimes, forbade their propaganda and symbolism. In the future, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed four laws, which are called “decommunization service”. The Ukrainian Institute of national memory is not the first time publishes a list of names that had been declared inadmissible in Ukraine. On 21 September the Institute has offered a list of monuments and memorable signs “must be eliminated from the public space in the first place” under a policy of decommunization symbols”. It is, in particular, on the 12 monuments to Lenin, the bas-relief on one of the Central subway stations in Kyiv – “Theatrical”. Overall, according to the list for demolition is subject to 21 the monument and bust, as well as more than 80 plaques Bolshevik leaders in Kyiv.