Media: Russian helicopters involved in military operations in Syria

MOSCOW, October 9. At the disposal of TV channel “Russia 24” on Friday was a video shot by soldiers of the Syrian army. To that shown in the broadcast footage shows how Russian helicopters attacked positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state”.

Of groups of the Air-space forces of Russia more than 50 aircraft and helicopters, including modernized bombers su-24M and su-25SM, as well as the latest multi-purpose su-34, combat helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-24.

According to a representative of VSC of Colonel Igor Klimov, in the operation in Syria involved helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-8, its newest version of the Mi-8AMTSH helicopter, developed based on the experience of the use of Russian helicopters in “hot spots”.

Earlier Klimov reported that attack helicopters Mi-24 and Mi-8 are used to monitor the area of the airbase “Hamim” in Latakia, as well as for search and rescue operations.

“The mi-24 can reach speeds of 300 km/h, rises to a height of up to 4.5 km,” he said. In addition, the Mi-24 has a 4-blocks guided missiles of 20 pieces each and 30-mm cannon. The Mi-8 helicopter equipped with night vision and can transport the archers, able to fire from the side. Its maximum speed is 250 km/h.