Retailers: start of sales iPhone 6s in Russia was a failure

Retailers: start of sales iPhone 6s in Russia was a failure

During the first watch throughout Russia sold less than 2 million of the new smartphones from Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which is ten times less than it was last year. This may be due to unreasonably high prices for new items, experts say.

MOSCOW, 9 Oct. In Russia in last night’s started selling a new smartphone manufactured Apple — iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Retailers do not disclose sales of smartphones — it is prohibited by agreement with the manufacturer.

However, analysts argue that the start of sales was a flop — for the first watch throughout Russia sold less than 2 million new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, which is ten times less than it was last year, when the Russian market appeared the new “six” from Apple. A source in one of operators said that advance orders and retailers were significantly less than last year.

Experts say that this mainly is connected with unreasonably high prices on new products from Apple.

Correspondents that had been to start sales in salons “Megaphone”, “Vympelcom” and “Coherent” did not notice the excitement among the buyers as it was in previous years when new Apple gadgets. Most buyers were in the office of “VimpelCom” — perhaps they were attracted by a raccoon after midnight played five iPhone 6s.

Operators: sales in line with expectations

Representatives of MTS and “MegaFon” said that sales of new iPhone in the first few hours were “within expectations”, it refrained from detailed comments.

The press-Secretary of “VimpelCom” Anna Imasheva told that during the first hours the company sold a new device is “much more” than in the same period in 2014. In her opinion, due to the fact that the company before the other players have started taking pre-orders on gadgets.

Most iPhone 6s/6s Plus in the operator’s network was sold in Moscow, where it was sold 40% of new products. The Vladivostok had 22% of sales in the company’s salons, St. Petersburg — 14%. Through the service Gett in Moscow was delivered 18% of smartphones. The best selling models in these cities are: Moscow — the iPhone 6s 64GB “gold”, St. Petersburg iPhone 6s 64 “space gray”, in Vladivostok — the iPhone 6s 16 GB silver.

“Of course, an additional incentive to purchase the new device for customers “Beeline” is the possibility of completely free and unlimited superfast 4G. For iPhone owners this is a very important argument when choosing an operator, since they traditionally consume the most Internet traffic,” said Imasheva.

“The messenger” on the night of the premiere of the new iPhone in Russia started selling in 20 stores, including C-store and Internet centers, where customers could pick up your order, the company said. About 80% of purchases the night of the start of sales were made through the online store.

The greatest number of purchases at “Connected” on the first night of sales — over 60% — were committed in Moscow. “The level of popularity of Apple in the capital traditionally higher than in other cities of the country. The first half of the year, Apple occupies 40% of the Moscow market in monetary terms,” said a company representative.

The most popular model was the expected iPhone 6s with a storage capacity of 64 GB. The most popular color scheme was the space grey model.

“Euroset” for the first three hours after the start of sales sold through the online store in Moscow about 100 new projects, said a company spokeswoman Ulyana Smolskaya.

Disastrous start

According to the estimates of leading analyst Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin, collectively in Russia at night has sold about 1,5 thousand of new smartphones. “Compared with sales a year ago iPhone6 is the fall about 20 times,” said Murtazin.

“We can say that in fact sales were not particularly. The first night was a flop,” said Murtazin.

According to him, 80% of iPhone were sold in Moscow, while 40% of all sales in the capital were in “the Messenger”.

The head of information-analytical Agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov estimates sales in the early hours around 2 thousand devices in the period from 00.00 GMT until 12:00 GMT.

Hi-Tech Mail.Ru thought for the night was sold less than 1 thousands official iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. “Compared to last year, when over the weekend in Russia has sold more than 70 thousand smartphones Apple, the current sales have again failed, as in the case of “grey” the market”, — said the head of strategic communications, Hi-Tech Mail.Ru Anton Spiridonov.

According to experts, the reason is too high prices on new products from Apple. “The price is certainly not adequately high. And it’s not only the fall of the ruble. Other producers this factor is also affected, but they adjusted their prices not so significantly”, — says Murtazin.

“In the current situation, especially in Russia, the launch of any gadget can’t please the producers, even Apple. Despite the army of fans of Apple, the price of its devices is so high that not everyone is ready to buy them,” said Grand. In his opinion, in 2015, sales of Apple products in Russia will fall by 20%.

In Russia iPhone 6s affordable 56,99 thousand rubles per model memory 16 GB, 65,99 thousand rubles for a model with 64 GB memory and 74,99 thousand rubles — with the memory 128 GB.

The iPhone 6s Plus is available in Russia at a price 65,99 thousand rubles per model memory 16 GB, 74,99 thousand rubles — memory-64 GB and tag 83.99 thousand rubles — with the memory 128 GB. All prices include VAT.