Russia’s permanent representative at NATO: the reproaches the West for the rockets with far-fetched of the Caspian sea

MOSCOW, October 9. Accusations from the West on missile launches from the Caspian sea by terrorists in Syria is far-fetched. This was stated today during a video bridge “Moscow-Brussels” Russia’s permanent representative at NATO Alexander Grushko.

“NATO officially did not react, was the General dissatisfaction with Russia’s actions in Syria, he said. But such reproaches look from the West far-fetched”.

Contacts with NATO on Syria is carried out

Speaking about dialogue with NATO, Grushko stressed that the contacts with NATO are carried out on Syria, Russia is ready to interact.

“Contacts on Syria, of course, true. The proposals made on 6 October, the defense Ministry regarding the receipt of the Russian side information about the locations of groups of “Islamic state”, its infrastructure from all participants antiepilepsy coalition, brought up to NATO, said Grushko. – Therefore we are in principle prepared to engage with the reality of the situation, architecture players influencing the developments in the region.”