Sands: EU sanctions against Russia in connection with the operation in Syria not discussed

SOCHI, 9 October. EU sanctions against Russia in connection with the operation in Syria not discussed, told journalists the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

“The subject of sanctions in the context of events in Syria is not being discussed”

“About this in the Kremlin, is unknown. I haven’t seen such statements, he stressed. On the contrary, there were statements that this is a completely different subject. Actually the subject of sanctions in the context of Syrian events not discussed.”

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Sands about the operation of the Russian Federation in Syria: sources comment won’t, they’re lying

Commenting on information in some mass media with reference to sources about possible sanctions against Moscow in connection with the operation in Syria, Peskov said that “these sources are not confirmed”.

“Most likely, it belongs to the category messages with a link to the source, which now abounds in the information space and which should be treated very cautiously,” said the spokesman.

Answering the request of journalists to comment on these – also with reference to the sources – that in the struggle against the armed forces of the government of Syria and assisting Russian armed forces, Peskov said: “For more sources to respond will not. The sources lie.”

“The question of additional sanctions is not on the agenda”

Previously with reference to European diplomatic source has reported that the EU currently the introduction of additional sanctions against Russia in connection with situation in Ukraine or in Syria.

“No, the question of additional sanctions now is not on the agenda. The situation in Ukraine shows signs of progress, Russia’s actions in Syria require further analysis,” said the diplomat.

He recalled that the question of the possible extension of economic sectoral EU sanctions against Russia will be discussed in January 2016 when expires the scope of the existing block of restrictive measures.

According to in June of this year, the condition for the lifting of EU sanctions is the full implementation of the Minsk agreements, the diplomat said.

“A dead end”

Moscow has repeatedly said that he believes Western sanctions imposed over the Ukraine conflict, counterproductive.

July 3, President Vladimir Putin said that Russia is under pressure from other countries, as pursuing an independent policy, but otherwise Moscow and could not act.

In turn, Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov noted that “an escalation of the confrontation, the attempts of sanctions pressure (on Russia) is a dead end”.