Siluanov: Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation will not compromise on the Ukrainian debt

LIMA, 9 October. The Finance Ministry keeps a firm position on the Ukrainian debt before meeting with the head of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine Natalia Jaresko. This was reported to journalists by the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov.

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The meeting will take place in the next few hours in Lima, Peru, where takes place the annual summit of the IMF and the WB.

“Of course, we have a firm position of no compromise. It should, of course, to meet, to speak, is always right and benefit”, – he said.

Siluanov reminded that Russia considers itself the official lender of Ukraine, rather than private, with which Kiev agreed to a restructuring via a debt debt.

“We are a different category of debt”, – he noted.

The Finance Minister also said that funds in the amount of $3 billion that Ukraine owes Russia posted in NWF for 2016.

“However, these funds are accounted for in the volume of national welfare Fund for 2016 (4,69 trillion roubles). This is the total amount of the Fund, including, and investment”, – he explained.

According to Siluanov, the Ministry of Finance after the return of these funds to the Fund immediately “start them in projects.”