Source: decision on increasing the retirement age can be accepted after 2018

MOSCOW, October 9. The government of the Russian Federation may take a decision to increase the retirement age to 65 for men and women after 2018, said a Federal official.

“Discussion has been going on for several years, the topic is discussed, but it is unlikely to 2018 a decision will be made,” he said.

With the idea of raising the retirement age a few years ago, was made by Alexei Kudrin, who was then the budget Minister. This topic has caused a sharp negative response from the social block of the government.

In turn, the Finance Ministry cites studies by the OECD, according to which the Russian Federation is recommended to increase the retirement age to 65 years for both men and women (currently 55 years for women, 60 for men).

The Ministry noted that the Russian economy has a serious demographic problem: in order to ensure economic growth, we need manpower, according to the government of the Russian Federation has yet to decide at what pace and to what level to raise the retirement age.