Storchak: the Ministry of Finance does not exclude internal loans in foreign currency

LIMA (PERU), 9 Oct. Internal borrowing the Ministry of Finance in foreign currency in 2016 is possible, but their amount to be immaterial from the point of view of the budget of the Russian Federation, told reporters Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Storchak.

“From the point of view of the maintenance budget is not serious,” said Storchak, answering a question on the possible deployment of internal loans of the Russian Federation in foreign currency. According to the Deputy Minister, such a tool is possible, but in limited quantities to allow large companies that have accumulated sizable foreign exchange reserves, placing them in liquid instruments.

He refused to name approximate volume of such placements. “This is auctions. How will lay down the conditions on the auction — so be it. Any cost to borrow will not be”, — he said.

Net attraction of internal borrowings of the Russian Federation in 2016, according to the draft Federal budget for next year is expected to reach 500 billion rubles.