The court suspended the decision in favor of “Rosneft” on benefits for training

MOSCOW, 9 Oct. The arbitration court of the Moscow district at the request of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation has suspended execution of the decree of the lower court, which ordered the energy Ministry and Rosnedra to issue the subsidiary of “Rosneft” — “Verkhnechonskneftegaz” (training) — confirmation of the production of its oil, according to their characteristics falling in the years 2012-2013 under the application of customs privileges, the information on the website of the court.

The representative of the Ministry of energy has previously stated that in case of satisfaction court of the claim of “Rosneft”, it can claim the return from the budget of 60 billion rubles. The execution of the court of appeals decision in favor of training have been suspended before consideration by the district court of appeal of the Ministry of energy and the Committee on this resolution. The hearing is scheduled for October 29.

To receive customs privileges “Rosneft” it is necessary to submit the TCF in two certificates: one from the Ministry and the Agency with proof of lightroomo production of oil by subsurface user (in this case training) and the other from the Ministry confirming the fact of exporting oil exporter (“Rosneft”).

The Agency in early 2015 refused to issue such confirmation, referring to the pass applicants — training and “Rosneft” — period to obtain such certificates. The company appealed against the actions of the Ministry and Rosnedra in court.

The arbitration of Moscow has rejected training and Rosneft, recognizing the legitimate actions of the defendants. However, the court of appeal respectively in August and September reversed the decision on both cases. The decree of the appellate court, which obliged the state authorities to issue training proof of production, and Rosneft is the fact that oil exports came into force at the time of the announcement.

In fact, training on the application the court of second instance, in particular, indicated that the Deposit was included in the list of latinoamer in the disputed period, if you miss the deadline is not grounds for refusal to issue a confirmation, and neoplasene user in a timely cannot result in negative consequences for him in the form of denial of the right to apply a lower duty rate.