The head of “RusHydro” reported Putin about the construction of power plants in the far Eastern Federal district

SOCHI, Oct 9. The General Director “RusGidro” Nikolay Shulginov reported to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin on the progress of construction and the timing of the launch of power plants in the far East. For these projects, RusHydro has repeatedly expressed claims of the audit chamber of the Russian Federation.

“On construction sites in accordance with Your decree on four construction projects for thermal stations being built in the Amur region, Khabarovsk region, Sakhalin, Yakutia (work — ed), have something to do. There is progress on the station in Blagoveshchensk, it is the second turn of the Blagoveshchensk thermal power station. I think this year we launch system definitely turn on. For the rest of my predictions is 2016-2017 year,” said Shulginov.

“There is criticism in our address on the organization of construction, on behind. But I think here it is necessary to carefully investigate each case, because must be dialogue, you need to consider and some technically sound and objective circumstances. Then you can find the right solution, to determine the construction time, because for the time to pass the objects to the same unfinished objects, perhaps not very well,” he added.

“Not bad,” replied the President. According to Shulginov, a race for deadlines poses a threat and danger to the functioning of the power system.

Earlier the audit chamber reported that RusHydro for the first quarter of 2015 provided the technical readiness of priority electric power facilities in Eastern Siberia and the Far East at the level of less than 11%. However, the company is assessing the readiness of four hydropower plants in the far East is higher than the chamber — in 7-70%.

In addition, the audit chamber reported that the construction of the CHPP at Sovetskaya Gavan (Khabarovsk territory) is behind schedule by six months. In a press-service “RusGidro” have explained that the General designer — JSC “Siberian ENTC — Institute Tasktip” (part of “Group E4”) — behind schedule release of the working documentation of the financial status of the “Group E4” which is in a bankruptcy stage. Later in the press service of “RusHydro” explained that the company is considering the possibility of change the designer of the CHP.