The Kremlin: the price of counter-terrorism operations in Syria does not go beyond the budget of the Ministry of defense

SOCHI, 9 October. The Kremlin claimed that the price of counter-terrorism operations in Syria does not go beyond the normal budget of the Ministry of defence and does not become a burden on the state budget.

“No, it’s (in Syria) is not a burden for the Russian budget”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.

According to him, “in any country, especially such large as Russia, the armed forces are constantly mobile state, there are sudden checks (readiness) thereof, conducted exercises, including very large-scale that corresponds to the geography of Russia”. So, I’m sure the Sands, “of course, against this background, this operation does not go beyond the normal budget of the Ministry of defence”.

The Kremlin reiterated that the counter-terrorist operation of the Russian Federation in Syria will not include “land component”.

“As you know, Russia does not have in mind – and talked about this many times both the President and the Minister of defence – to take some part in the land component and is limited only by the operation of the aerospace defence forces to support the armed forces of Syria,” – said Peskov.

According to the representative of the Kremlin, in an interview with CBS, President Barack Obama used imprecise language. “Of course, there (in the interview) the phrase “send troops” – it is also irrelevant”.

“It’s not leadership”

In the Kremlin do not agree with the opinion of the President of the United States that Russia is trying to assume the leader role, conducting counter-terrorism operation in Syria.

“It’s not leadership. Probably, the vast majority of viewpoints expressed to the observers, analysts in other countries, they are diametrically opposed to the view, which was stated by the President of the United States,” said Sands. He said that is due to Obama’s statements about Russia’s role, the motives of Russia.

“But the main thing here not in the lead, the main thing here is the efforts that Russia is making to combat “Islamic state” and other terrorist and extremist groups, and efforts that are ultimately aimed at preserving Syria as a unified state”, – said Peskov.

Turning to the Syrian conflict, Obama expressed the view that “Syria was the only ally of Russia in the region.” “And today, instead of count on their help and to keep the base that they had in Syria for a long time, Mr. Putin now pays its own army, its own military force just to “live thread” to strengthen the position of his only ally”, – said the head of the American state.

This journalist suggested that the Russian President “challenges the leadership” of Obama. “I have to tell you, if you think to ruin our economy and send troops to support its only ally, is leadership, then we have different definitions of leadership,” suggested Obama.