The letter: competitors “Aeroflot” are offered only domestic flights “Transaero”

MOSCOW, October 9. Airlines – competitors “Aeroflot” in the framework of the previously scheduled transaction for the acquisition (Aeroflot), Transaero only until the proposed routes for domestic routes. Such information is contained in the letter (is available) on behalf of the Deputy head of the Department Alexander Redko airlines (a particular company in the letter is not specified).

According to a source close to the airline – recipients of this letter and familiar with the situation, the recipients of the largest carriers.

“Due to the need to assess the impact of the acquisition of OJSC “AK “Transaero” the state of competition in the airline industry, and in order to control the compliance with antitrust legislation please provide the FAS Russia the information on presence of interest of your airline in the increase of traffic, as well as the expansion of the route network according to routes according to attached list”, – stated in the document.

The attached list includes 45 destinations. In this case, all listed in the letter of the FAS on domestic routes, any international destinations in the list offered to the airlines, no.

According to a source, now you do not need any access to internal line – any airline can embark on a particular route, tentatively agreed with the airports.

The FAS were not able to confirm the fact of sending such a letter. “Now there are no specifics on routes. The petition (on purchase “Aeroflot” 75% plus one shares of “Transaero” – approx. ed.) has arrived, we are still considering, study the market and, most likely, will extend the period of consideration. “Aeroflot” it was not withdrawn, the bankruptcy of the “Transaero” is not declared”, – have informed in a press-service FAS.

Earlier the head of FAS Igor Artemyev said that his Agency offers in case of departure “Transaero” from the market to transfer the airline’s route network “Aeroflot”, but to access these routes for other carriers. He noted that in the case of a transfer route network “Aeroflot” “the structure of the market will be a little bit unhealthy”. Whether it is about the transfer to competitors of Aeroflot international destinations, he said.

According to a source, given that the transaction on purchase of “Transaero” already, of course, will not take place (decision of bankruptcy “Transaero” was adopted on 1 October at a meeting with the participation of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev), it is logical, if defined will be used by law procedure: the right to international destinations will publicly expose the Federal air transport Agency. In this case, the airline will apply, and the interdepartmental Commission under the Ministry of transport of tolerances on the international line will make a final decision, the source explained.