The permanent representative of the Russian Federation: implementation “in iron” NATO’s military plans is a dangerous tendency

MOSCOW, October 9. Implementation “in iron” NATO’s military plans is a dangerous tendency, it degrades security in the region. This was stated during a video bridge “Moscow-Brussels” Russia’s permanent representative at NATO Alexander Grushko.

“This is an extremely dangerous development, deteriorating security in the region and for the NATO countries, he said. We are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of NATO exercises along our borders”.

According to Grushko, the tendency of military plans realization in hardware is very dangerous.

Russia will not allow the vulnerability of its national security

The diplomat stressed that Russia will take all necessary steps in connection with the build-up of NATO capabilities in Eastern Europe and will not tolerate threats to its national security.

“Russia will not allow any undermining national security and prevent vulnerabilities in any direction,” he said.

Military NATO talking about the “steel arch”, which Russia has established along its borders, but it is the result not of effort, and plans that are implemented NATO

Alexander Grushko

The Alliance strengthens the Eastern flank, although the real threat coming from the South

The envoy stressed that NATO continues to increase its presence in Eastern Europe, although it is already obvious that the real security threats coming from the South.

“Note that significantly increased the number of flights of reconnaissance aircraft along the Russian borders, he said. – Achieved near-permanent naval presence of NATO in the Baltic and Black seas”.

The diplomat also noted the significant increase in the number of exercises near the Russian borders, modernization and creation of new infrastructure of NATO, the placement of new military equipment in the countries of the Alliance.

“This is a new military-political reality in the region, he added. We see today that although the real threat to the Euro-Atlantic space, moved to the South, NATO continues to strengthen its Eastern flank, continues to develop various conspiracy theories associated with the Russian plans”.