The President of Poland: “the Northern flow-2” – a dubious geopolitical project

WARSAW, 9 October. /Corr.Irina Polina TASS/. “Nord stream-2” is questionable from an economic point of view, a geopolitical project.

With this statement made in the Hungarian town of balatonfüred, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda at a press conference at the summit of the “visegrád group” (Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic).

In his opinion, “the economic benefits of this project are questionable, but he has a serious political dimension”.

“Not only is this incredibly expensive investment, but, as we know, the current pipelines from Russia to Europe have not been fully used. There is no shortage of capacity to talk about the construction of new lines,” – says Duda.

According to him, “Nord stream-2” “represents a threat to the security of Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland and several other European countries.”