The speaker: the Federal program for Crimea to be adjusted, because “not everything”

The speaker: the Federal program for Crimea to be adjusted, because “not everything”

SIMFEROPOL, October 9. /Corr.TASS Elena Bogdanovich/. Federal target program (FTP) for development of Crimea and Sevastopol designed until 2020 will be adjusted. Several positions funding that was received this year, will be postponed. This was announced on Friday Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev at a workshop in Simferopol.

“We went hard work on the preparation of the Federal program. Not everything works, so now we need to understand the status of the Federal program this year, what risks exist, what you need to make changes to the schedule of program activities that we have,” he said.

Postponed, but not cancelled

In the next week in the Federal program, changes will be made. “Before October 16 will be made the necessary changes to the schedules of the Federal program for development of Crimea, – said the speaker reporters. – In terms of Rosgranitsa, Ministry of culture, education”.

In particular, the changes will affect the implementation schedule of construction works. “There is concern in parts of construction works. You may have some part to for 2016. We have the right to work 2015 to implement before 1 April 2016. Will try to do this, the backlog should catch up,” explained the Minister.

According to him, will be accelerated working with Glavgosexpertiza, the preparation of documents in both the design and survey works. “In terms of design and survey works are already finished or the funds will be reported in the near future, here worry not,” Ulyukayev said.

The Minister stressed that the programme would not be reduced. “We don’t mean the cut. We will work on the passport program, and the program will not be reduced”, – he said.

There are difficulties

SPECIAL project

New Crimea
What was the Crimea during the year, together with Russia and what has changed in the life of its inhabitants – in a special project

The speaker acknowledged that the Federal program “is not without difficulties.” This is mainly for those positions where customer and coordinator is the Ministry of economic development, and performers – the Council of Ministers of Crimea and the government of Sevastopol.

“We on the go learn, because this job is very specific. For colleagues from the Republic and from the city this work is new, but the interaction is obtained, he said. – Is now quite a high level of understanding of colleagues, and the work from the stage of correspondence moved into a stage of joint activity”.

Moscow curator

The implementation of the Federal target program on Crimea will be overseen by the Deputy Minister of economic development of the Russian Federation Sergey Nazarov.

“They (authority) have already switched to it. It’s been two weeks since 25 of September, we have overseen the Crimean subject. We have formed a Department to deal with the Federal target program of development of Crimea and Sevastopol, and the range of associated issues,” Ulyukayev said.

According to him, works on the Peninsula “many specialists from other entities and Federal agencies.” “If necessary we will strengthen the personnel here,” added the Minister.

Crimea is ready for round-the-clock work

Schedules the implementation of measures the Federal program must be submitted on 12 October, told reporters the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

“The work goes around the clock. Contractors on all objects have already been largely identified and next week will be contracted. Already all standing with shovels at the ready and ready to proceed to the execution of tasks,” he said.

However, to fulfill this year Crimea will be able only 75% of planned activities according to the program. “We understand that this year at least 75% of the programme (2015) will be implemented. Partially about 25% can be carried forward to 2016,” – said Aksenov.

The first tranche of the programme, which the government of the Republic was yet in early September, was received only on October 5. The second should come before the end of October, according to Ulyukayev. “I think that the next tranche we will be able to the end of the month to send. Exact figure to be verified”, – said the Minister, adding that the amount will be about 5 billion rubles.

About FTP

The Federal target program of development of Crimea and Sevastopol was finally approved at a level of 708 billion rubles in June. It is designed to upgrade the engineering, transport and social infrastructure of the region.

After the abolition of Mindcrime in mid-July 2015 the curator of this program was the Ministry of economic development. With the elimination of Agency attributed the delay in sending the first funds.

As we reported earlier, the Deputy Minister of economic development Alexander Tsybulsky, but only until the end of the year, with a subsidy in the amount of 20 billion rubles, mainly for conduction of design and survey works.