Volkswagen recalls in Australia over 90 thousand cars with defective software

SYDNEY, 9 October. /Corr. Pavel Vanichkin/. The Australian branch of German automaker Volkswagen launched on 9 October to review sold more than 90 thousand cars, as it became clear that their software artificially lowers rates of emissions of harmful substances. As on Friday said the head of Volkswagen Australia, John white, only to be withdrawn more than 77 thousand cars of Volkswagen and Audi for over 14 thousand sold on the Australian market in the years 2008-15.

“This is a necessary measure to be adopted without prejudice to the buyers,” said white, emphasizing that he has a faulty software of the car is completely safe to use. “We apologize in connection with all the possible inconveniences to our customers, employees, dealers and partners,” – said in a statement Volkswagen Australia.

Meanwhile, as reported by the newspaper the Sydney Morning Gerald, the law firm Maurice Blackburn is preparing a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen Australia. According to the representative of this company, already more than 2,5 thousand Australian owners of cars of brands Volkswagen and Audi have shown interest to become plaintiffs.