Apple has patented “smart” ring

Apple has patented “smart” ring

In the patent, registered in the U.S., States that “surrounding the user’s finger, the device” will be equipped with a screen and microphone.

MOSCOW — Oct 2,. Apple filed a patent for a “smart ring”. According to the publication The Virge, the U.S. patent office granted the request of the company on booking of the concept Apple ring by analogy with “smart clock” from the same company.

How are the developers, the ring will be equipped with a touch panel or a small screen and will work in conjunction with a smartphone. Also it is planned to embed the microphone, the analogue of the vibrating alert to notify the owner of the gadget and even a “decoder” written by the hand of a user of the text.

Apple in its proposal, indicated that “the use of modern devices can be uncomfortable and ineffective in some cases”. The publication suggested that the device is in the form of a ring will allow the user to manage the communication, if his arms tired from the heavy device.

The company has already released the device on the market the Apple Watch in the form worn on the arm bracelet, and today’s patent, in fact, is an extension of the concept, differing only in the size of the gadget.

However, the presence of a patent does not mean the start of production, and it is unknown when we can expect new product in the market, and it is often the case that inventions are patented to ensure that competitors could not develop a similar product.