Apple users admitted hatred of iOS 9

Apple users admitted hatred of iOS 9

Trying to update Apple equipment to a new operating system iOS 9 turned many users with broken devices that sparked a flood of angry comments on social networks.

MOSCOW, 18 Sep –. Fans of Apple products have been faced with massive failures when trying to upgrade their gadgets to iOS 9 on the first day after it became available to most users, Reuters reports.

One of the mistakes, which gives the system, most likely related to installing iOS 9 on older models of smartphones and tablets Apple. Users of previous versions of the iPhone and iPad are complaining that the technique stops working after a request to update the system. Previously, Apple representatives claimed that took into account the complaints of the users on the compatibility of older devices with updates and that iOS 9 will not have such problems.

Another group of users are complaining of a glitch in the software installation in a few minutes after it started. According to experts, this may be due to high load on the server due to the fact that at the same time a large number of users updating their system, writes Reuters.

Some owners of the technology, successfully upgraded the software, complaining about the malfunction of some applications.

According to Mixpanel (USA), despite the occurrence of errors in the program, more than 16% of users of Apple technology for the first night was upgraded to iOS 9.

#iPhone 5 #iOS9 After the app starts for a split second appears the app itself, after a black screen. The Home button and restart WTF

— noarg (@rh1noceros) September 18, 2015

#ios9 who have not pereproshivka not even do that. All day on the phone swearing obscenities.

— Aleksandr Terentiev (@Terentiev_A) September 18, 2015

@dauzoff Yes, I had this font, when installed a special keyboard on your Samsung:with

— mardy bum (@Dauletiyarova) September 18, 2015

This crap 3 times already.-. #iOS9

— guitars Patrick(⊙ω⊙) (@alisameoww) September 17, 2015

Users complain that iOS 9 badly “buggy”, and the application to hang or fly:

IOS 9 seems very buggy. WeChat and other apps either crash or hang a lot

— Peter Schloss (@peterschloss) September 18, 2015

“I hate iOS 9. My phone crashed a million times,” writes another user.

I hate iOS 9. It’s done froze my phone a million times.

— kenzie (@_kenzziee_) September 18, 2015

The owner of the iphone complains that he has become much slower than before, and adds that he hates ios 9 and Apple’s going to sue the company in court:

my phone is SO MUCH SLOWER than it used to be 9 i hate ios i hate apple im going to sue

— gabe (@swiftsvinyl) September 18, 2015