Audience Instagram has more than 400 million users

Audience Instagram has more than 400 million users

Just nine months it took the social network to increase the number of users on the quarter. Daily app downloaded about 80 million photos from around the world.

MOSCOW — 23 Sep,. The number of users of photo service Instagram has exceeded 400 million people.

As reported in the blog of the social network, the next 100 million registered users in just nine months, more than half of the newcomers have established accounts in Europe and Asia, in most of Brazil, Japan and Indonesia, and only 25 per cent of integraserv live in the USA.

During this period, through a popular application, the world saw the first pictures of the surface of Pluto, the celebration of the final of the UEFA Champions League, as well as such hidden places, like a Ghost town in the desert of Namibia.

The service appeared in October 2010, the mark of one million users Instagram exceeded in only two months, and in February 2013 the monthly audience reached 100 million users. On average, every day in app users download nearly 80 million photos. At this point in the social network downloaded over 40 billion images.