From “Penny” to “the Priory”: the famous cars of AVTOVAZ

25 September 2015 AVTOVAZ announced the start of serial production of LADA Vesta at site “Izhevsk LADA”. First serial LADA Vesta was a car in the middle complete set dark grey “Pluto” with the Russian AVTOVAZ engine volume of 1.6 liters and manual transmission Renault.

New LADA Vesta will go on sale from November 25, 2015, then become known to the official price of the new product. “The price can be any in the limit 495-600 thousand rubles”, – noted in the company.

Just for AVTOVAZ in Tolyatti has released more than 28 million cars. The total number of produced cars VAZ, LADA, etc. a few more because they were assembled or manufactured in other factories in Russia and abroad. Famous cars of the Russian producer – in the photo gallery.


The first car Volga automobile plant (the name of the company until 1971) was the VAZ-2101 “Lada” – front-engined rear-wheel drive passenger car with the sedan. This model was adapted for the Soviet market version of the Italian car Fiat-124.

VAZ-2101 in 1967 was awarded the prestigious avtopromin “European car of the year” (European Car of the Year, now the “car of the year” Car of the Year).

For operation in conditions of the USSR was the increased ground clearance from 140 to 170 mm, were made more than 800 other changes. The first 6 cars VAZ-2101 went down the Assembly line of the plant on April 19, 1970

In addition to the VAZ-2101, produced car with station wagon VAZ-2102 (based on the Fiat 124 Familiare) and the “luxury” version of VAZ-2103 (Fiat 124S), which had an improved design, a more spacious cabin and powerful engine.

Since 1971, the VAZ-2101 was delivered abroad under the brand name LADA. Ended the production of VAZ-2101 and its modifications in 1988, just more than 6.7 million vehicles (including VAZ-2102, VAZ-2103 and modifications).

Other representatives of the “classics”

In 1975 the company launched an improved version of VAZ-2103, get the index VAZ-2106. It was decided to reduce the number of expensive chrome parts and upgrade the exterior. This model was produced until 2005, the total production volume of 4.3 million shares.

In 1979-1982, replaced the VAZ-2101 in the production launched two new sedan VAZ-2105 and “luxury” variant, differing more powerful engine, a the VAZ-2107. They had a more “angular” design, but in General were based on the same Fiat-124. VAZ-2107 was produced until 2014 (in Egypt) only produced 2.1 million and 3.1 million shares respectively.

To replace the VAZ-2102 in 1984 on the conveyor was supplied new upgraded wagon VAZ-2104, manufactured up to 2012 (just came off the Assembly line more than 1.1 million units). The name “Lada” was assigned to the family VAZ from 2101 to 2107. Also it was called “classic”.


The first car of AVTOVAZ, is not based completely on the Fiat 124, was a three-door compact SUV with permanent all-wheel drive VAZ-2121 “Niva”, launched into production in 1977

In fact, this model became the predecessor of all modern cars of a class “crossover”. Part of aggregate base of the car was borrowed from the VAZ-2106. In 1993 was released the extended version of the five-door VAZ-2131. In 2004, in connection with the sale of the rights to the brand “field” of General Motors, “classical” VAZ-2121 was renamed the LADA 4×4 is produced and up to the present time, together with five-door and “city” versions.

Just released more than 2 million copies, including more than 600 thousand sent for export, including in the far abroad countries. Depending on the configuration the cost of the machine in September 2015 from $ 435 thousand to 479 thousand rubles.

Second generation – “Samara”

In the late 1970s engineers of AVTOVAZ started to develop a front-engined front-wheel drive car – this scheme is gaining popularity overseas due to the cheapness of production, better stability and handling. In 1980, contracts were signed with foreign consultants for the project – the Italian company UTS and the German Porsche.

The result of the development was a series of “Sputnik”, or “Lada-Samara”. The first generation consisted of three-door hatchback VAZ-2108, five-door version VAZ-2109 and five-door sedan VAZ-21099. Serial production model was launched in 1984, 1987 and 1990, respectively.

In the late 1990s – early 2000s replaced by the second generation of the VAZ 2113, 2114 and 2115. They featured a new design and engine. The series “Samara” was discontinued in 2013, in all there were almost 5.3 million cars.


In the mid-1980s AVTOVAZ has presented a project Serpukhov automobile plant on production of passenger car very small class – VAZ-1111 (“Oka”).

Serial production of VAZ and a number of other companies began in 1987, before the completion of production in 2008 was produced about 700 thousand pieces.

Third generation – “Ten”

The development of the third generation of the main line automobiles in the early 1980s was initially carried out in the framework of the project VAZ-21099, also in cooperation with Porsche.

In mass production front-wheel drive four-door sedan was launched only in 1995, with the index VAZ-2110 (“Ten”). The car is from its predecessors featured a more modern design and interior, on-Board computer.

With modification of VAZ-21101 it was fitted with a fuel-injected engine. There was a version with a station wagon (VAZ-2111) and hatchback (VAZ-2112). Production at AVTOVAZ was completed in 2007, subsequently the model was produced in Ukraine at the plant “Bogdan”. Just released about a million cars.


Current model range of AVTOVAZ consists of subcompact models, the youngest of which is the Granta, (the price is from 360 thousand), followed by the Kalina (from 409 thousand) and Priora (from 435 thousand).

Also under the brand LADA Largus is produced adapted for the Russian market the Dacia Logan Van. It is expected that on the conveyor new model LADA Vesta will replace the “Priora”.