Kosachev: the U.S. confidence in its exclusivity prevents solving the world’s problems

MOSCOW, October 10. Washington has itself a position of exclusivity impedes the effective interaction of the U.S. with other countries in the world’s greatest challenges, including in the fight against terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG). This opinion was expressed by the presenter of the program “Vesti on Saturday” Sergei Brilev on the TV channel “Russia 1” the head of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.

“The biggest problem for the world, I find it unilaterally appropriated by the Americans position themselves as exceptional, about a special mission in the world, about leadership in the world that time and time again fails and gives these failures that we now have, unfortunately, in Syria and throughout the Arab world,” said the Senator.

“The main thing is not to give anyone else besides themselves, to qualify for any position in the world”

In his opinion, more important for Washington to maintain its leadership, even to the detriment of the interests of other States. “It’s not what is happening in Syria, in Ukraine, in Georgia, the main thing is not to give anyone else besides themselves, to qualify for any position in the world,” he said, stressing that Russia, having decided on a military operation in Syria, did not try to seize leadership from anyone, even though Americans “read it that way”.

“We don’t claim to be really in the leading position, this is not the motivation for our actions”, – said the MP.

Kosachev believes that “the conversation needs to go on a completely new basis, because new times”. The last military operations of Russia, he noted, “for Americans, like a cold shower, and for the rest of the world, perhaps a sign that the American protective umbrella is not the only panacea for all ills”. In his opinion, the recent events may contribute to the awareness by the world community that “the world is multivariate, and in this world you can rely on their own national interests and not only on the national interests of the Americans, who repeatedly are issued for global”.

The Statement Of Barack Obama

On the eve of President Barack Obama in an interview with CBS expressed the view that “Syria was the only ally of Russia in the region.” “And today, instead of count on their help and to keep the base that they had in Syria for a long time, Mr Putin gives up his own troops, their own military force just to “live thread” to strengthen the position of his only ally”, – said the head of the American state. This journalist suggested that the Russian President “challenges the leadership” of Obama. “I have to tell you, if you think to ruin our economy and send troops to support its only ally, is leadership, then we have different definitions of leadership,” Obama said.