Media: the first update has destroyed Windows 10

Media: the first update has destroyed Windows 10

Install updates designed to resolve the identified errors of the operating system, loads the computer into a continuous reboot cycle.

MOSCOW, 7 Aug –. Attempts to install the first major update for Windows 10 result in undesirable effect, transfers the Internet-portal Softpedia.

Microsoft has released an update KB3081424 to eliminate a number of previously fixed problems and errors in the operating system. However, some computers may not be able to install it, while users receive the program via Windows update, noted by the media.

According to incoming reports of users, the installation process KB3081424, having moved only a few percent, leads to a continuous cycle of reboot. Repeated attempts to install the update the computer is immersed in a cycle of reboots over and over again, writes Softpedia.

Until Microsoft recognizes this problem, adds the newspaper, offering a way to manually work around an install error. For this we need to go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList, where can I persist the settings already existing on your computer accounts. If the information on them to delete, the problem goes away, writes media.

Earlier it became knownthat the factory settings of Windows 10 aggressive towards the user: the system can read mail, save history location and “necessary” to gain access to confidential data.

At the same time, the operating system has a number of advantages. In particular, it responds to gestures and voice, can talk with the user. Read more about Windows 10, read the help >>.