Second attempt: the government changes the program of assistance to food

Second attempt: the government changes the program of assistance to food

The money did not reach

The assistance program mortgage borrowers introduced by a government resolution, should have been updated to 1 June. The borrowers agree on debt restructuring with your Bank could get from the seller on 200 thousand rubles assistance. Just for this purpose was allocated 4.5 billion rubles Initially conditions were very harsh, and the procedure for obtaining assistance. According to officials, on support could count about 22.5 thousand people of those 84 thousand, whose loans (data from the United credit Bureau) there are arrears.

But even this they did not get help. So borrowers could use the offer of the government, banks were to enter into a contract with the seller. Did 42 banks, among them Sberbank, VTB24 and Bank of Moscow, Gazprombank, Rosselkhozbank. sent requests to all 42 participants of the program. However, to confirm that the care received at least some of the borrowers are unable no credit organization.

In ROSBANK from the beginning of September (joined the programme in August AIZhK) received 11 applications for participation in the program of the seller, said the Director of Department for work with overdue debts of the Bank Igor Shklyar. None of them came to receiving compensation from the state. In Gazprombank for assistance under the programme addressed two of the borrower, but the Bank picked up their own programs.

The situation is similar in fora-Bank: in early June he was one of the first have joined the program for the seller and generously offered her their troubled clients. Under the criteria established came only a few borrowers, but they preferred to use Bank programs, says Vice-Chairman of the credit organization Dmitry Orlov.

A separate category — currency food. Press Secretary of the Russian organization foreign currency borrowers Irina Morocco was unaware of any case of assistance under this program. The press service of the Agency for housing mortgage lending failed to respond to a request for the number of borrowers assisted. The seller has not been capitalized at 4.5 billion rubles., said yesterday “Vedomosti” with reference to the audit office report criticized the performance of the anti-crisis plan.

The second attempt

Today, officials are discussing the possibility of changing this program. This was told by the bankers, the representatives of the seller, the Ministry of construction and Ministry of Finance. “It is obvious that in its current form the decree No. 373 is not working and will not work. Need to solve two problems: to expand the list of addresses (now eligible for the program are 0.2% of the debtors) and to create the conditions in which banks would be beneficial participation in the program. Now the amount of compensation of 200 thousand rubles for the borrower too small,” said a source in the Ministry of Finance.

According to him, the Ministry of construction have until October 17th to send in the government has already prepared amendments to the resolution. The Finance Ministry has more Advisory, drafting of the amendments is not its direct aim. The seller, in turn, was supposed to develop proposals for improving the program, their suggestions were raised by banks. In a press-service AIZhK confirmed that the Agency, along with partner banks has prepared changes to the program to make it more efficient and accessible for borrowers.

What is the essence of the amendments? Program offer you to change so that it could benefit more borrowers, said the press service of the Ministry of construction. Requirements promise to mitigate: if parents, who are over the age of 35, you need to have a minimum of two minor children, to have a chance to participate in the program, in the new edition will be enough for them to have one child. In addition, can be increased the amount of reimbursement for each problem loan.

However, the Agency refused to clarify whether increased capital of the seller by an additional amount or will it remain the same — 4.5 billion and the amount of aid will increase by reducing the number of program participants. Other details of amendments to the government decree, the Ministry does not disclose.

According to a source in the Ministry of Finance, additional funds the seller will not allocate, but the amount of any compensation likely to put in dependence on the amount of debt of each borrower. In addition, the program can remove the requirement that the delay on the loan shall be from 30 to 120 days. “Otherwise, it turns out that we intentionally put the borrower in arrears”, — explained the representative of the Ministry of Finance.

Two banks we spoke to expressed the hope that after changing the program, it still can earn. “None of the Transcapitalbank’s borrowers failed to provide full package of documents for participation in the program, but the changes can make it more accessible,” says Director of the Directorate of mortgage lending of the Bank Vadim Paharenko. “We hope that the number of participants will grow, when it will be changes”, — said the press service of the Bank “DeltaCredit.”

The rescue of drowning

While the program developed, the size of arrears and the number of problems of food growing. For example, Petersburger Dmitry Yurin, which we wrote about in June, overdue loan payments in UniCredit Bank for six months. In November 2014 he submitted to the Bank the first request for postponement, but he refused. Thereafter, the borrower still has twice applied for restructuring, but the result was the same. He tried to use the program AHML, but was not by its terms: he is 37 years-two years longer “acceptable”, reported on the hotline of the seller.

While Yurin trying to negotiate with the Bank to allow to sell mortgaged apartment. The assistance program was relevant for him a few months ago, says the founder of the consulting company “the Personal capital” Vladimir Savenok. “Unfortunately, the only thing that can advise Yurin in this situation, to initiate the procedure of bankruptcy,” he says.

Unknown when to adopt the amendment regulation, what would be the criteria and which of the borrowers will be able to satisfy their requirements. “So hopefully it is still that wait that of your mortgage you will save a miracle”, — said General Director of “Personal Advisor” Natalia Smirnova. She advises to take the situation into their own hands and negotiate with the Bank without regard to the state.