The Congress of the “RPR-Parnas” took the comments of the Ministry of justice for registration of amendments in the Charter party

MOSCOW, October 10. “RPR-Parnassus” held in Moscow technical Congress for accounting and correction of comments of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation, has put on hold registration of changes in the Statute. This was reported by press Secretary of the “RPR – Parnas” Alla Polishchuk.

“The meeting was of a technical nature, it was necessary to satisfy all comments of the Ministry of justice, without which taken at the July Congress of the party of amendment had not been registered”, – she said.

On 5 July the party “RPR-Parnassus” held a Congress, during which they adopted a number of amendments to the Foundation documents, in particular, changed the name of the party “RPR-Parnas” Parnas. Also abolished was the institution of three co-chairs and was introduced as Chairman of the party, was elected Mikhail Kasyanov.

“There is a group comments of the Ministry of justice concerning the Charter that we are willing to consider. On 18 September we held a political Council and it was decided to convene technical Congress, it will be held on 10 October,” – said previously the Deputy Chairman of the party Konstantin Merzlikin.

Thus, according to Merzlikina, “the Ministry of justice does not contest the name change and election of the Chairman”. “But they have no practice of registration of amendments of some and denial of others. As we all filed in one package, they are asking everyone to submit one set of”, – he explained.

As stated earlier, the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation “by results of consideration of documents by the Ministry of justice of Russia on 31 July 2015 in accordance with paragraph 1.1 of article 20 of the Federal law “On political parties” adopted the decision on suspension of state registration of amendments in constituent documents of the party (“RPR-Parnas”), and make changes to the information contained in the Unified state register of legal entities”. The Ministry said that registration of amendments suspended “for a period of three months.”