The EIB will provide guarantees to the world Bank to support “Naftogaz”

BRUSSELS, 10 Oct. Maria Knyazeva. The European investment Bank (EIB) and the world Bank (WB) signed an agreement on guarantees from the EIB the world Bank amounting to 520 million dollars to support “Naftogaz” in the procurement of natural gas, according to a press release from the WB.

“The European investment Bank and the world Bank today signed an agreement under the guarantees of the European Union, aimed at facilitating the procurement of gas of Ukrainian national gas company Naftogaz”, — stated in the message.

“The EIB provides up to 520 million of certain loans of the world Bank in Ukraine”, — stated in the message.

The new agreement is part of Ukraine support the European Union and international financial institutions, in which “the EIB ensures that all projects of the world Bank for the development of investments in Ukraine”.