The excitement and glee: how to buy iPhone different generations

September 9, Apple will hold in San Francisco (California) a presentation of its new products and developments.

However, neither the press releases nor to the registered participants to arrive at the “special meeting” to be held in the centre of the “auditorium bill Graham civic”, does not indicate that it plans to introduce Corporation.

However, all experts believe that Apple will show two new versions of its smartphone – the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, and the final version of the operating system iOS9 for mobile devices. However, according to experts, this presentation will not be limited.

“Originally it was planned that “special meeting” will be held in the headquarters of Apple in California city of Cupertino, said in an interview with correspondent. analyst in the field of new technologies Catherine Bellinger. But at the last moment it was moved to San Francisco in the center on 7 thousand places”. “All the evidence suggests that we should prepare for the presentation of a long-awaited and important for Apple’s new product,” she said.

As buyers met iPhone of different generations starting in 2007 – in the photo gallery. See also test broadcast presentations of new Apple products in 2014.