The forum in Sochi: projects of regional development and import substitution

MOSCOW, October 1. Investors from 25 countries, including the countries of Europe and North America, as well as representatives of almost all regions of Russia gathered at the international investment forum, which opens on Thursday in Sochi. Among the main themes – high-quality import substitution of goods and products, ways of returning of the Russian production to economic growth and others.

Unlike the St. Petersburg forum, which focuses mainly on foreign investors, Sochi has traditionally focused on the prospects of regional development of the country. Of them clearly say multi-billion dollar investment projects, which the participants will present in Sochi for several days. The planned signing of a dozen agreements with investors.

The substitution

The head of the government of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev on 3 October in Sochi will hold a Commission meeting on import substitution, said the first Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov.

“On Saturday in Sochi will be held the second meeting on import substitution. The meeting Dmitry Medvedev. Will be considered important issues with the participation of almost all the governors of our country. I will not reveal – will be discussed at the Commission. I can only say that the element base is one of the priorities of the program of import substitution”, – said Shuvalov.

Transport corridor “Europe – Western China”

The Governor of Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko will sign two investment agreements, said the press service of the economic block of the government of the region. One of them will be a document on cooperation with the customer – developer of the section of international transport corridor “Europe – Western China”.

“The Leningrad region and the company “motorway of the North-West” (subsidiary of JSC “SMP-Neftegaz”. – Ed.) will combine efforts for implementation of the investment project on construction of the road “Ust-Luga – Kirishi – Tikhvin” in the international transport route “Europe – Western China”, – said the press service.

At the moment, identified two route alternatives in the Leningrad and Novgorod regions. The section length can be 486 or 433 km away.

The Governor also will sign an agreement with the Agency for investment in the social sector, created in February 2015 by the decision of the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation. The Leningrad region is planning to cooperate with the Agency for attracting investment in the construction of hospitals and clinics, as well as social infrastructure.

Kaliningrad region: the marine terminal, the stadium for the world Cup and casino

The most Western region of Russia will present ten projects in the fields of tourism, transport, as well as preparation for the 2018 world Cup. This was told in the press service of the regional government. The main investment projects of the region included in the Federal target programme (FTP) development of the region. Her new edition until 2020 was approved a year ago with a total budget of 61 billion rubles.

The construction of a gambling zone “Amber” by the company “Royal Time Management”, to the end of the year should be completed the first phase. The project includes construction of a casino on slot machines 600-800 20-40 and gaming tables, restaurants, bars, VIP casino, modern scene, underground Parking and infrastructure. The second stage includes a 4-star hotel with 270 rooms, conference centre, health SPA-complex, a sky casino for VIP-persons, sky-bar-club, a promenade area.

Total investment in the development of the “Amber” until 2029 will amount to 45 billion rubles By 2025, it will employ over 10 thousand people. In “Royal Time Group” note that, unlike the gambling zone “Azov-city”, “Amber” will become a full-fledged family vacation.

The government of the Kaliningrad region, “Rosmorport” and the international shipping company MSC Cruises has announced plans to build in the city of Pionersky in the international marine terminal to receive cruise and cargo ships. MS Cruises has confirmed intention to secure in the summer season the passenger traffic to 3 million people each time the vessel calls.

Stadium in Kaliningrad will be commissioned by the end of 2017

Preparing and holding the 2018 FIFA world Cup in Kaliningrad is one of the most significant investment projects of the region. On the Oktyabrskiy island in Kaliningrad the stadium will be built on 35 thousand places. After the tournament the arena capacity will be reduced to 25 thousand people.

Total area under construction on the island is 140 hectares. in Addition to the stadium, it is expected the construction of social infrastructure, housing stock, parks and squares. Arena can then be used as a concert venue, the stands of the space for exhibitions.

The General contractor works – the company “Crocus international”. Currently there is a check of completeness of documents and registration of the contract on execution of works. In accordance with the state contract, completion of works on construction of the stadium in Kaliningrad is planned for December 2017.

Kuban – record: projects “weigh” 500 billion

Krasnodar region, according to the Ministry of Finance of the region, will present at the forum in Sochi 900 projects worth 500 billion rubles and 950 sites with a total area of over 8 thousand hectares.

According to the Governor Veniamin Kondratiev, Kuban traditionally has a lot to offer investors. “It’s not just about individual projects, but also on comprehensive “packages” to support investment projects that would help to realize the proposed idea.”

The power of the Kalinin district of Kuban plan to build in the village Starovelichkovskaya plant for processing of fruits and vegetables, as well as for the production of juices, tomato paste and baby food. According to the regional Ministry of strategic development, investments and foreign economic activity, a project worth over 1.8 billion roubles will be presented at the forum.

Seversky district of Kuban goes on a MYTH-2015 the construction project of the pig-breeding complex with a capacity of more than 47 thousand heads. The building will cost 1.1 billion roubles.

Project steam-gas turbine power station at the cost of 25 billion roubles and capacity of 408 MW will present the authorities of Novorossiysk. The project intend to recoup in four years. Annual gross revenue of the enterprise will amount to 18.2 billion rubles, and tax revenue – 2.8 billion rubles.

Adygea: sturgeon and caviar

Adygeya will present seven investment projects, said the Minister of economic development and trade of the region Mahmud Tlekhas. “In the Adygea portfolio includes seven investment projects amounting to more than 31.6 billion rubles. Attention business partners for realization of business projects the region will also offer 51 investment platform,” – said the Agency interlocutor, noting that the country prioritises the industry and the agricultural sector.

Among the projects are two of the industrial Park, the construction of engineering and transport infrastructure, which will take on regional and Federal budget. Within the Park, “Koshekhabl” plans to build a power plant, refrigeration plant, canning plant and a greenhouse complex. Industrial Park “Tahtamukaysk” implies the construction of industrial facilities in the area of 15 hectares.

The business will also be presented the project of logistics center in Teuchezhsk district and cannery in Krasnogvardeisky. In the construction project of a complex on cultivation of sturgeon and production of caviar in the area of 600 hectares is planned to invest several billion rubles, the Minister added.

The investment growth rate of Adygeya takes the second place among the subjects of the SFD. Today 60 investment projects with total announced investments of 65 billion roubles, among them the construction of a refinery in Tahtamukaysk district for 30 billion rubles, which leads the company “Antey”.

Ingushetia: drones for agriculture

About 20 agreements on 27 billion roubles, including for the production of drones for the needs of agriculture, intends to sign at the forum of Ingushetia, told the government of the region.

“The forum Republic will present the projects on construction of a plant for the Assembly of aircrafts of small aircraft for agricultural purposes, including unmanned, the construction of a rehabilitation center and reconstruction of city hospital in the town of Karabulak, in the construction of sports and recreaction complex, poultry farms, 20-storey residential buildings, as well as plant for processing of hides,” – said the Minister of economic development of Ingushetia bexultan Buzurtanov.

This plant, the Minister said, will be able to process raw hides of cattle from the whole North Caucasus Federal district. The project is joint with the Lebanese investors to the company.

Total investment in the Republic in 2015 may exceed the previous year 2.5 times and make 22 billion roubles. The interest of investors due to the policy of tax incentives, favorable natural and climatic conditions in the region for projects in agricultural sphere. About a fifth of the investment to the Republic is foreign. Ingushetia actively cooperates with big business from China, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Israel.

Tula: the rental of stainless steel – only our

The project for the construction of a foundry-rolling plant “Tulachermet-Steel” will be presented the Tula region. The volume of investments will exceed 40 billion rubles, said Minister of economic development of the region Grigory Lavrukhin.

“We plan to submit projects for substitution of particular interest, as well as affecting a large work force, said Lavrukhin. – In General, Tula region adopted a plan to promote import substitution, provide for the 48 implementation of major investment projects in various sectors”.

The project “Tulachermet-Steel” will create about 1,600 jobs. Start of production is scheduled for October 2016. The production line includes the production of rolled steel of alloy steel on the basis of net original raw material – liquid cast iron with extremely low content of harmful impurities, the planned capacity is 1.5 million tons per year. The complex is being built on the territory of the plant “Tulachermet”. Manufactured products are intended for enterprises of machine building, defense industry, shipbuilding, industries, ensuring the development of the Northern regions and polar regions.

“Now the steel is imported to Russia in the form of imported supplies, the new project represents a trailing chain for the production of iron and steel from which to produce the relevant products, which today are forced to purchase raw materials abroad,” said Lavrukhin.

The new capital of winter sports

On Sakhalin on the basis of sports and tourist complex “Mountain air” plan to create the largest in the far East ski resort. This was announced by acting Minister of investments and external Affairs Elena Sudakova.

The number of visitors to the site, according to the authorities, could amount to almost 4 million people a year.

“Over the next 10 years it is planned to create four complementary tourist zones connected by roads and cable cars and ski slopes with world class infrastructure. In the immediate vicinity will be built biathlon center, water sports complex, the residence of father Frost, a Golf club,” said Sudakov.

She noted that the total investment will be about 16 billion rubles. The estimated amount of extra-budgetary funds – about 5.6 billion rubles. The length of ski slopes will increase to 74.5 km, and the number of lifts to 17. Thanks to the project will create 754 new jobs. The total proceeds amount to more than 44 billion rubles. Tax payments to all levels of budget will exceed 16 billion rubles.

“Mountain air” has a number of advantages: a mild climate with warm winters, low avalanche risk, favorable topography, the location of the complex within the city limits and availability of hotel infrastructure that meets international standards, access for people with average income levels, direct flights with Moscow, St. Petersburg, Russian Far East, Siberia, the Republic of Korea, Japan and China.

Ivanovo: textile mill, which has no analogues in Russia

The region will present the project of the first in Russia plant for production of synthetic (polyester) fibers and filaments for the textile industry. The volume of investments into the project will amount to 17.7 billion rubles, said the Deputy Chairman of the regional government Oleg Ptashkin.

“Textile industry mainly manufactures products based on cotton, which is imported from abroad. This leads to additional financial costs of production and catastrophic dependence on imports. As a result, our textile workers are not able to compete with producers from cotton-growing countries”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

However, according to him, the country has significantly increased the consumption of polyester fiber (replacing cotton) in production: from 109 thousand tonnes in 2001 to 221 thousand tons in 2011. “All synthetic fiber we also buy abroad, so it was decided to place its own plant in the Ivanovo region”, – said Ptashkin. The project was initiated by “Cluster textile Corporation “Euregionales”.

In the construction of a plant for the production of polyethylene terephthalate (synthetic fibre), one of a kind in Russia, will be invested 17.7 billion rubles of private investment. Presumably, the plant will be commissioned in 2017.

The participants are looking for investors for projects at 133 billion rubles

The Volgograd region in the “Search for investors” will be presented 23 projects with the total volume of investments required 133,4 billion roubles in housing construction, transport infrastructure, the establishment and opening of new industries in the industrial sector and the agricultural sector. This was told in the press service of the regional administration.

Another five projects of almost 90 billion rubles the region will be represented within the presentation of the potential of the region. According to the provincial agriculture Committee, one of the most expensive projects – 24 billion roubles – “the Volgograd broiler”. It provides for the establishment of the new company, which will include seven broiler poultry farms in three districts of the region. The CEO of this company Mr. Olga Deitseva explained that the project foresees the production of 80 thousand tons of meat products, 3 tons of sausage and delicatessen products and 250 tons of animal feed per year.

“After reaching the design capacity, we can produce 60 million eggs,” – said the CEO, adding that “now the majority of domestic enterprises of the poultry industry is almost completely dependent on the supply of hatching eggs from abroad”.